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New Zealand is on its way to being a totalitarian state.

New Zealand is regularly held up on the right as a bastion to which Australians can escape if our own government goes too far down the authoritarian route. I mean, the Kiwis don’t have any laws against hate speech, right? So it must be all good over there in the land of the long white sheep.

Yeah, not so much.

Neo-Nazi sentenced to 21 months in prison for sharing video of mosque massacre and calling it ‘awesome’.

Philip Arps was sentenced in a New Zealand court today for sharing video of the Christchurch massacre, a terrorist attack on two mosques that killed 51 people on March 15. Arps, who has compared himself favorably to Adolf Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess, pleaded guilty to two counts of sharing the video and received a sentence of 21 months in prison for sending it to roughly 30 people.

The fake news article is resplendent with many varied examples of why Arps is a horrible person, thus apparently justifying his lengthy imprisonment for sharing a video to 30 people. The problem is that none of this is admissible as regards to his supposed guilt of sharing a video. If it were then by the same token a highly religious nun who shared the video would supposedly get off the charge.

Actually, that’s probably a poor example in this day and age. Make it a black lesbian disabled transgender environmentalist instead. She, (Xie?), would never end up in court in the first place.

The usual tired and unsophisticated arguments are going around that he was right to be jailed because it was hate speech and society must have limits on free speech. This is a conveniently false position for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the prog left were hysterically enthusiastic for free speech from the 1960s until a couple of years ago, roughly the length of time that it took them to use unfettered free speech to subvert and undermine all of our core institutions. Once they had that in place suddenly they came up with the term hate speech, which is anything that someone else says that they hate. They of course are the arbitrators of what is hateful and what is not.

The other aspect is in what context real freedom of speech was actually developed. Freedom of speech is an historical division between the Church and state that only exists in Western civilization. It ensured that the state could not subvert the Church and the teachings of Jesus Christ at their convenience. Furthermore it allowed the Church the possibility to freely criticize the ruling power of the day if it acted against fundamental Church teachings. Freedom of speech was never about individuals being able to say whatever they wanted. This was a falsity propagated by the left in order to freely subvert those same institutions.

Thus we arrive at the present situation where the brief ahistorical version of freedom of speech has reverted back towards its former meaning but without the balancing aspect of the Church. Now the state is all powerful and has no intrinsic limits on how it wields power against its subjects. Whatever is classified as hate speech by an ever hysterical and tyrannical left is now the ruling order and you as an individual stand against it at your own considerable peril. Individual liberty which our ancestors fought for generations to establish has blown away in the wind. For the left it was always only about power and their freedom to wield it against their enemies.

In the imprisonment of Arps we have the situation where a man has been punished by the state for offending followers of Islam, Christianity’s traditional adversary. That this is being carried out under a perverted twisting of freedom of speech is deeply ironic.

“Your offending glorifies and encourages the mass murder carried out under the pretext of religious and racial hatred,” Judge O’Driscoll told Arps during sentencing today, according to RNZ. “It is clear from all the material before me that you have strong and unrepentant views towards the Muslim community.”

Strong and unrepentant views towards a minority religion that is antithetical towards Christianity in one of its own homelands is now a formal crime in New Zealand. Make no mistake about it, Arps is being imprisoned for his views. The imprisonment of Arps is meant as a clear warning to all New Zealand citizens that any criticism of those deemed protected by the state will not be tolerated. The state means to silence all dissent towards the great subversion and replacement of the very people that elected it to power. There is no First Amendment to protect New Zealand citizens from this tyranny and no healthy Christian institution able to stand against it as it once did when true freedom of speech existed.

What the state deems controversial today might be very different to what it deems controversial tomorrow, and those celebrating the imprisonment of this man because his personal views offend them would do well to remember that in the future when the police come knocking on their own door. And keep in mind that in Arps’ case this crime was prosecuted retroactively.

I wouldn’t be moving to New Zealand any time soon.


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  1. pukeko60

    Since I am a Kiwi, quoted this. What is happening is that the average Kiwi is getting pissed off. Labour is a minority government, run by the greens, who are a minority party. They are shored up by the media, who like the PM, because she photographs well and is versed in PR.

    But on hard issues like dealing with the broken, hurt and unwell? The Tories were more compassionate and more effective. And they got 46% of the vote, before MMP meant that three parties could form a coalition of losers and take power.

    We are currently, to Australia, a warning.

  2. Tree

    There’s more to this story than has been released. I was appalled at the censoring that was going on with all the self righteous bullshit across the media and the virtuous display by Ardern as she wrapped herself in a self-deprecating scarf (as if). After a few days of non-stop crap in the “news” particularly about not mentioning the name of the (alleged) offender but also the fact that it was now a crime to even look at the video, I thought stuff it.

    It took all of a few (careful) minutes to find and view the video. Now I’m not one for conspiracy theories but all is not well with that video. It’s no wonder that the “authorities” don’t want it being seen because it is weird and not what one would expect. It shows the inside of the car and the gunman gathering his weapons, arriving at the mosque and going inside. All from a GoPro camera or the like. Once inside the building, he fires indiscriminately down the corridor and into a main room. Shell casings from his weapon can be seen ejecting to the side, then disappearing into thin air. The bullets from his weapon leave no visible impact on any of the walls near or far. No-one runs away – no-one flees. There are no signs of any blood or any people movement. In the main room where he fires most, there appear to be bodies lying on the floor at a distance but there is nothing else. Then there is what appears to be a spare full clip of rounds on the floor conveniently located. And there is one “body” on the floor of the corridor floor over which he steps and later when he retraces his path to leave the building one shoe on that body (about the only one shown) is a different colour. Back outside he fires indiscriminately with the shell casings again disappearing into thin air.

    Summary – no gore, less interesting than a boy’s video game. Was it real? Had the version that I viewed been doctored because I located it via a (I think) US web site? I don’t know but I don’t think so. The video lasts more than 15 minutes and is of consistent (boring) quality mostly with not much happening.

    Then there were some comment from a muslim (cleric I think) in NZ that made the news with his suggesting that everything was not quite right but he later backtracked. And finally (if anyone likes conspiracy theories) is the suggestion that the NZ SAS had been active in Christchurch that day.

    And I wouldn’t be moving to New Zealand any time soon either.

    • TechieDude

      Gun rampages aren’t like you see on video games.

      If you went hunting, you’d be surprised how little blood there is on a kill. I don’t know what the shooter used, but the most common rounds – 5.56 and 7.62 aren’t going to leave a big hole or gore unless you have a head shot.

      It’s also unsurprising ejected rounds disappear on low quality video, where they aren’t moving in the focal point of the camera.

      The funnier thing in all this is the Kiwis reaction to the gun ban and turn in.. “Meh…no.”

      • Apex Predator

        Thank you… the amount of retards watching that video who have never held, much less discharged, any type of rifle and are now ‘experts’ because of what they expect from hollyweird movies and vidja games never ceases to astound me.

        That vid is 100% legit I’ve watched it several times and the ballistics and kinetic energy from the weapons he is using are quite in line with objective reality of what I’ve seen first hand and watching videos of -actual- shooting on youtube, etc.

        These conspiracy theory nutters do not help things whatsoever as the clamps and buckles are tightened up on us that are still sane and don’t see chemtrails and ‘killer vaccines’ around every corner.

    • Fergus

      Great comments. No one should miss this fraud of a video. Anyone with an open mind will wonder how is it possible to fire into people on the ground and yet there is no screaming from the wounded, no movement, no attempt to flee.

      There is no blood splatter on the clothing, no tears or impact marks, just puffs of air. Anyone who has ever fired a gun will note the lack of smoke and flash. This video is a bad joke and makes one wonder why the government has demanded it be banned. If you want to see a faux event watch this video if you can find it. Its a bad joke.

      If I was in NZ I wouldn’t give up my weapons. Have the government give up theirs.

  3. PB

    New Zealand is now a clitocracy, and the clitocracy loves power more than anything else.

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