Gunner has a good breakdown of a report on the inner workings of a company sub-contracted to moderate Facebook messages. Based on the report and Gunner’s comments, it sounds like the workplace would make Chinese coal mine managers blush. Some examples:

One, named Randy, would sometimes return to his car at the end of a work day to find moderators waiting for him. Five or six times over the course of a year, someone would attempt to intimidate him into changing his ruling. “They would confront me in the parking lot and tell me they were going to beat the shit out of me,” he says. “There wasn’t even a single instance where it was respectful or nice. It was just, You audited me wrong! That was a boob! That was full areola, come on man!”

… Miguel is also allotted nine minutes per day of “wellness time,” which he is supposed to use if he feels traumatized and needs to step away from his desk. Several moderators told me that they routinely used their wellness time to go to the restroom when lines were shorter. But management eventually realized what they were doing, and ordered employees not to use wellness time to relieve themselves.

The day before I arrived at the office park where Cognizant resides, one source tells me, new motivational posters were hung up on the walls.

Before press visits to labor camps, Soviet officials would do the same. In other words, workers will continue to be beaten until morale improves.

As we know, SJWs always project. The reason that they go on so much about equality and the humanities is because they themselves are horrible pieces of shit who don’t hesitate to treat other people like garbage. SJWs are motivated by the fear of missing out on a position of power because they subconsciously know what their miserable lot will be if they don’t manage to climb at least part way up the greasy prog ladder. They are obsessed with hierarchical structures because that is the world in which they operate, and everyone knows that in a world of equality where skilled meritocracy has been eliminated the only way forward is to stab people in the face and use their bodies to haul yourself up to the next rung.

I have no sympathy for these workers, none at all, because they will all behave exactly the same way as soon as they manage to make the jump to the next rung on the ladder.

One more snippet from the piece caught my beady eye:

Chloe cries for a while in the break room, and then in the bathroom, but begins to worry that she is missing too much training. She had been frantic for a job when she applied, as a recent college graduate with no other immediate prospects. When she becomes a full-time moderator, Chloe will make $15 an hour — $4 more than the minimum wage in Arizona, where she lives, and better than she can expect from most retail jobs.

See that? A recent college graduate with no other immediate prospects. So much for college preparing people for the workforce. Chloe wasted 4 or 5 years of her prime adult life at college and saddled herself with debt so she could earn $4 more an hour than the minimum wage. How fucking pathetic is that? College is a crime as far as I’m concerned. It has now reached the point where it is gratuitous false advertising and I will not be surprised if there are future class actions along the lines of timeshare contracts where customers were supposedly duped into signing something against their best interests.

Don’t get me wrong; these people are stupid for going to college but they are also brainwashed and propagandized as well, and that has to count for something.

But back to the main point of this article. Read Gunner’s piece and read what he links to as well. And then after you have digested it, understand that this is merely a microcosm of what the world would be like if the socialist SJWs ever get full control. In that case it would be far far better to simply go down fighting.

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