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Aging hag says Trump raped her.

Oh my goodness, you ain’t gonna believe this, but apparently Trump raped this chick in a department store back in 1995. She’s waited a while to come forward, like right at the moment when she’s promoting her new book which needed a bit of controversy to get it going methinks. But hang on a minute, I hear you saying. Maybe she’s telling the truth; maybe Trump did have a shot at the title in the Bergdorf Goodman department store in 1995. That’s a while ago though, 25 years to be exact.

Carroll is now 75, is an advice columnist for Elle, and wrote magazine features for Playboy and Esquire.

Does anyone here seriously believe that Donald Trump in the prime of his life would have gone around raping 50 year old women in department stores?? 50 years old??? Ladies, please – the only way that you’re gonna get raped at that age is if you put yourself firmly in front of an invading Russian army, and even then the boys would probably need a whole lot of vodka and the NKVD ordering them into the breach, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Let’s have a look at a contemporary photo of this bird and then lie back and try to imagine if you could summon the urge to, you know, do the Rapey McRapey thang.


Look, ladies, we know that you’re all upset and everything about the wall that so unexpectedly but so devastatingly smacks you in your unbelieving faces, but no amount of fantasy make believe is going to get any of us to believe for even a moment that someone would want to rape you at 50 years old. You ladies could stride alone down a dark alley on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and you’d be safer than a soy boy at a screening of Revenge of the Nerds.

Ladies, you’re just not desirable. And that’s before you’ve even opened your mouths and seriously confirmed our first impressions. Apparently the #MeToo movement is now about equality – even the old, ugly, and inform can get raped too! This isn’t even scraping the bottom of the barrel; this is stripping the barrel into individual planks and examining the cracks for leftover sludge particles. Nobody will believe any of you ever again. You’ve jumped the shark, you’ve cried wolf too often, you’ve rung the warning bell so many times that all you’re gonna get from us is a bemused grunt as we turn over and pull the covers up around our uncaring ears. Every time in the future that one of you cries Me Too! we’re all going to collapse into peals of laughter while we point to pictures of this skank has-been.

Surely we’re approaching the end times. It can’t be too far off now, right? Right??


It is better to be a man than a woman.


Don’t shoot the messenger, girls.


  1. Dark

    Full clown.

  2. TechieDude

    A commenter on one of the manosphere sites I read (I think it was Heartiste) said something that’s stuck in my head since laying eyes on it- “…[after the wall smash] they turn into dudes”

    Look at that creature. She could be an old dude, for all I know. Only how she’s dressed gives a clue. In sure she wasn’t much different at 50.

    Hell, I went (was dragged) to a conference full of these types. There were a handful of cute women, a handful of homos, a number of guys like me (placating their women), and hundreds of post wall women that are looking like dudes.

    • Dutch women are notorious for the post wall looking like dudes atrocity. They simply turn solid.

    • OdinsSkald

      She’s confusing fantasy with reality.

    • Red Pill Wisdom

      “As men age into their forties, they increasingly start to resemble Sean Connery.
      As women age into their forties, they increasingly start to resemble…Sean Connery.”

      And with the drinking, drugs, and 100 MPH+ promiscuous lifestyle that most young Western women engage in nowadays, it’s been increasingly observed by young men how the visible aging process for more and more women is starting to begin in their late twenties vs. their thirties, and accelerates faster as they continue to age.

  3. Without casting any doubt on the idiocy of thinking that DJT would rape a 50 year old woman when he has been married to a string of models, keep in mind that rape is not about sex, it’s about power. Old women do get raped.

  4. purge187

    She doesn’t remember if it was 1995 or 1996, but she remembers what outfit she was wearing.


    • butterchurngirl

      She remembers because she can still fit into the outfit, which many women can no longer do at her age. This is a classic humble-brag: a) I was sufficiently attractive to catch Donald Trump’s eye at 50, and b) Look! I can still wear the same size! (Helen Gurley-Brown and her feminist ilk do have a lot to answer for…)

  5. Someone

    I found the story totally laughable. Trump has access to the most beautiful women in the world and he decides to take a break from gift shopping at a department store and bang her in a dressing room? Sadly, this old c__t only does more damage to women who have genuinely been raped.

  6. Um, I’m 54 years old this July 4th and I’m a hot piece of ass. Don’t assume how sexy a woman is based on her age. I look better that most 30 year olds.

    Lastly, while I know for a Fact that this woman is a liar and Trump did nothing—remember that sexual assault isn’t about sex or attraction. Old ladies in nursing homes get raped.

    • Rex

      Pics or GTFO.

    • Apex Predator

      “Um, I’m 54 years old this July 4th and I’m a hot piece of ass.”

      If that is the lie you have to tell yourself to not cry yourself to sleep at night or hang yourself from a ceiling fan, go crazy. I get it. I really do, you have the WORLD on a string in your 20s as a hot young woman. To become completely invisible after having everything at your command is a bitter irony and would probably (and has) driven many to madness. In this way, you are no exception. You must guard against the soul crushing realization in any way possible. This affirmation here you threw unasked for into the public space speaks volumes and says it all.

      On a related note: How desperate is mainstream media still to give this aging spinster the cover of New Yorker magazine? Literally any old bint with a bone to pick can fabricate a story and get a mag cover so long as it disparages Trump. TDS is -real- and diagnosable. It is pathetic and just makes me fucking cringe everytime we see it on full display.

    • Matt

      Rape is about sex. Old ladies get raped by sick men who have few or no options. They just want to stick it in something. It could also be a particular perversion they have.
      Do you think that men who seek out animals for sex are doing it for power?

      • liz

        Old ladies get raped by sick men who have few or no options.
        That and risk assessment. Raping a 17 year old might get them 15 years or more in the pokey (pun intended).
        The dementia patient is likely to not remember, and far less likely to be believed (we’re talking sick individuals). Same reason folks target nursing home victims for drug stealing.

    • Dave

      This is for you dear……. remember, it’s men who determine what attributes are hot in terms of women – not women and an up-ticking odometer isn’t one of them, those who orbit you are the lowest tier males in the hierarchy and you are revolted by them.

    • liz

      remember that sexual assault isn’t about sex or attraction.

      So, you’re a rapist and just have the one roofie.
      And your choice is someone you are attracted to, and someone you’re not attracted to.
      Do you choose the one you’re not attracted to in particular?

  7. Matt

    Surely that photo is of the woman now, and not contemporaneous to the alleged event?
    It is possible that she was once attractive, even at 50. I don’t believe Trump raped her, though, for the reasons everyone already stated.

    • PThomason89

      She was okay looking. But looked very much her age. It’s strange, I’m wondering if she had cancer or something because she went from looking okay to suddenly looking like she’s dying. I know there’s a big difference between 50 and 75, but her change seems excessive.

  8. “Rubbish. “Rape is not about sex, it’s about power” is a feminist canard.”

    Not buying that. Even rapists can find younger, more attractive women, and yet old women get raped.

  9. corsair red

    Leave aside the Trump rape question and the women available to him. Most comments on every site where this story appears seem to create a fantasy that women over 50 are unattractive, and no guy in the world cares about them. This is so much nonsense. Actually, there is a more appropriate word; it starts with bull.

    When you guys get to 50 and have the beer gut and lines on your face and can’t run one block, much less a mile, you think those under 30 babes will look at you? You have to be joking, and guess what? You aren’t funny at all.

    99.99 % of you will never have the money, charm, or looks to spark the interest of any woman under 40 if you are over 50. Change your perspective on beauty now. Save yourself the disappointment and embarrassment.

    • purge187

      The sound of millions of cats and windchimes meowing and chiming in unison…

    • Independent_George

      If over 50 men have money and their shit together younger women will still want to fuck em. The same can’t be inversely said, which probably says more about the nature of women than you’re willing to admit.

  10. Heehee, Adam hit a nerve with this post. All the old biddies are falling off their rockers! Next post: Women, Stop Cutting Your Hair Short.

    “When you guys get to 50 and have the beer gut and lines on your face and can’t run one block, much less a mile, you think those under 30 babes will look at you? You have to be joking, and guess what? You aren’t funny at all.”

    You’re projecting your BEER GUT? That’s funny as Heck.

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