“The male is by nature superior and the female inferior…the one rules and the other is ruled.”

Reader Katie took umbrage to my article the other day that men are superior to women.

It’s not supposed to be “men vs women.” Feminism and blogs like this are both banging the same drum – “team man vs team woman! Women are better than men! No, men are better than women!” What’s truly good for men is also good for women because good men are good for women. And good women are good for men. We are not supposed to be adversaries – at our best we are interconnected in many ways, and our growth and virtue and honor benefits those around us, men and women.

The natural assumption if someone states that men are superior is that the interlocutor is adversarial to women. This is a defensive posture on the part of the accuser as the alternative is more unpalatable; a non-adversarial posture of superiority is unsettling precisely because no conflict is intended or sought. Or to put it in the more common vernacular, a position of superiority with zero fucks given drives women up the wall.

From the time of antiquity across all cultures the assumption was that men are superior to women. Here is a website dedicated to women in the ancient world which tries hard to disparage the gross indifference that men of the time held for women.

It seems clear, then, that Athenians saw women as beguiling creatures capable of causing considerable harm to themselves and others, and weaker in mind and body than men. Many believed that young girls were somewhat wild and difficult to control and that virgins were subject to hallucinations that could encourage them to be self-destructive. The solution was an early marriage, for only after a woman had delivered her first baby could she be a fully-operational female.

I can’t disagree with any of this. Look around the modern world and tell me that the ancients had it all wrong. That we consider ourselves to be morally superior to those who came before us would be laughable if it were not so tragic.
When I state that men are superior to women I do so with calm indifference, the same way that I would state that the sun rises in the east. These are nothing more than facts. That a fact may be unpleasant to the listener does not mean that the person delivering the information is antagonistic. I do indeed believe that men and women are complimentary. But complimentary does not mean equal. Women are naturally content when they are confidently led. To be led is to be under control. Men lead because we are superior. We are the unyielding shore upon which breaks the rages of women’s emotion. In such a state women are contained and protected from their own unwholesome attitudes and thus they are happy.
If you need us to keep yourselves under control then pardon me for saying so but you’re clearly inferior. That’s just the way it is. The sooner that we as a society rediscover this fundamental truism then the less problems we will have.

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