It seems that everyone’s favorite feminist video game non-entity is in a spot of bother.

The broke wokeness of Anita Sarkeesian.

Remember when the name “Anita Sarkeesian” was influential? When the feminist commissar was named to Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council”? The anti-male hatemonger rose to fame from 2012 to 2016 by demonizing men in the videogame industry and claiming to be a victim of sexist harassment. In 2014, the year of the #GamerGate controversy, Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency project raised more than $400,000 and, over a five-year-period, her organization raised nearly $1.6 million. Yet as Brad Glasgow explains in a remarkable YouTube video, Sarkeesian’s non-profit is now essentially bankrupt, having begun the year with a balance of barely $30,000 and laying off its employees …

Her business model was based on soliciting money for feminist harassment of innocent targets for SJW purges. And that’s a serious amount of money to spend in so short a time. Keep in mind that the staff numbers were a grand total of two, apart from the great Anita herself.

The fact is that these Marxist socialist scum hate capitalism so much because they are so bad at it. They couldn’t run a leaky tap to save their own miserable lives. All she had to do to keep this going was to spend less money than she was pulling in. The mathematics never lie. But truth does not sit well with parasites like this and thus she finds herself in the position of having to perhaps go out and like work for a living?

She’s used to being a beggar because that’s what she’s been doing for the last 4 years. Coin for based biased harassment. The appalling thing is that I have no doubt that she will manage to slither her way into some other plum role in one of the converged social media companies. Her kind always do. She’s most likely to end up on the board of Electronic Arts. Where she can design games based upon the giddy and fascinating world of feminine flatulence, and not just the oral kind.

I’m sure it’d be a huge hit. Invest your money now, suckers.


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