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For want of a good mission.

350AD was a hell of a time in the old Roman Empire, unless you were those halfwits sitting all the way over east in Constantinople. If you were an actual Roman, not one of those diversity imports with which they were stuffing the legions, but a real honest to God Roman and not just any old Roman but a man, because the women just didn’t make the togas look any good, why it really was a good time to be alive. No joining the legion and having to scrape mud off your face for 20 years while you attempted to carve out a piece of the empire for yourself. That stuff was old galea. We had the Huns to do that job for us now. Better to sit around stuffing your face with anchovies while lamenting at the breakdown of law and order.

Those Hun imports could thrash away for decades on the battlefield, winning as much honor and prestige as they could carry home, but it would never make them a Roman. Everyone wanted to be a Roman, a real life citizen of Rome. The trick was to dangle the carrot in front of them; let them think that they had a chance to become a Roman, even though you knew that there was bugger all chance of that happening. True, every now and then you had to actually come through with your promise, for appearance sake you understand. I mean, the diversity imports were thick but even they would have eventually cottoned on to the fact that if nobody was getting the prize then maybe the prize wasn’t worth having.

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Giving power to the deviants.

Now that my website is no longer hosted by WordPress I am free to break their malicious and SJW-driven terms of service. I’ve had to watch it all year as it’s very difficult sidestepping through the minefield of traps that they have deliberately created. And even if you do negotiate these pitfalls they can still nuke your blog and all of its contents if they feel like it with no explanation given, as Roissy found out.

One of the big no-no’s at WordPress is the practice that SJWs are calling deadnaming. I refuse to use the language of my ideological enemies so I call it what it is – telling the fucking truth; more specifically, telling the fucking truth about trannies. You know trannies, right? The mentally ill of our society who are doing their very best to get their hands on as much power as possible. They do this by the acts of bullying, intimidation, litigation; your usual fear based sort of stuff. Added to this is their current recruitment drive to get as many young kids on their side as possible by castrating them in a supposedly voluntary manner.

In all of this they have the full support of the authorities. The glorious revolution sure can’t come quickly enough as far as I’m concerned.

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Boom boom Brexit.

Three years we’ve been waiting for Brexit, like kids standing outside a sweet shop while mum is already 50 meters down the sodding road and showing a severe disinclination to turn back, her purse tightly tucked under her flabby arm. Three years of watching while our elected representatives did absolutely everything in their power to not represent us. May was elected to the role of prime minister with a single mandate from her fellow politicians who put her there – delay Brexit and if possible, kill it dead. She almost succeeded.

But now we have Boris. His messy blonde shag pile and idiotic Cheshire cat grin disarm his opponents into underestimating him, but do not be fooled; he is intent on becoming an historic leader and foremost in his plans is his desire to deliver on Brexit. He has wasted no time either, with a fresh cabinet that was sitting in place and discussing matters of great importance while the seats were still warm from the dispatched bottoms of the previous time wasters and oratorical fornicators.

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Podcast #116 – The search for a good hooker episode.

How hard is it to find a good hooker? Is it as hard as finding a good woman? Do good hookers exist? Does my bum look big in this?

Tune in to find out.


We’re back, baby.

The two weeks away from the internet while my site was transferred to a private hosting service have turned out to be well needed. Sometimes you just have to have a break from all of the random turmoil. Many events have happened in that time but the world is still turning and things seem to continue exactly as before. Boris is prime minister and good for him. I hope that it all goes well as he attempts to halt the decline. The USA is still on track to self implode, and Europe keeps on being as stultifying as ever. As for Australia, it appears that our swimmers have bigger balls than our entire foreign service.

The site transfer is still not complete as we haven’t as yet been able to transfer all of my blog followers. If we can’t get it done by next week then it looks like you’ll all have to sign up to follow me once again. It’s a small price to pay to get away from the SJW overlords at WordPress. The sudden banishment of Roissy’s site was the last straw for me. But as it turns out, WordPress is rather expensive as well. I’ve cut my operating costs by about 40% by moving to a private server and it’s much faster to load as well.

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Test Post.

Just testing, nothing to get excited about.

Emily Hart dies in e-scooter accident.

When I first heard the news that everyone’s favorite Youtube personality Emily Hart had died in a tragic e-scooter accident I obviously felt some degree of regret for her and her family and loved ones. No matter how deluded she had been in life and no matter how poor her personal choices, she had a right to live and exist just as much as anyone else does. So for her to die in such a manner is terrible. May she rest in peace.
However, in her brief life there are lessons to be learnt for young women. I watched her final video that she put up only a few days before her untimely accident. It’s quite short and to the point. In it she shared her top 10 reasons for dating a younger man.

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Workplace MGTOW.

A Republican candidate for the governor of Mississippi has infuriated people with vaginas everywhere for publicly stating that he will not allow female journalists to shadow him on the campaign trail as this is not permissible by his religion. As he is a Christian this means that his act is worthy of public ridicule. If on the other hand he were a Muslim then his announcement would have been greeted with the public sensitivity that it deserved.
Females who profess to write words have gone to the mattresses in an all out attack on Robert Foster’s credibility as a man. Apparently he is scared of women; he is scared of his own potential misdemeanors; I assume that they have declared that he is scared of his own shadow. For only a scaredy-cat pretend male would have to resort to so pathetic a move. There is simply no other possible explanation.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The stay classy edition.

Do you have your favorite beverage at hand? Are you comfortable and relaxed on your settee? Is your faithful hound at your feet, a relaxed and yet expectant look on his face as he patiently waits on your every whim? Is it a bit stormy outside, the rain hammering against the shutters as the waves crash against the distant shore? Have you just placed a nice album on the turntable, perhaps some mellow beach house or some 1950s jazz? Are you wearing both your favorite slippers and your oldest and dearest woolen sweater? Is the aroma of the stew that is faintly bubbling on the stove wafting throughout the house? Are you at peace and trouble free with nothing to do on the coming weekend?
Then, dear friends, it is time for the hawt chicks & links.

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You don't go to work to make friends.

This is going to be a relatively short post as I don’t need that many words to get across my point. However, do not be misled by its brevity; I consider this to be a very useful and thus important topic for those who need to hear it. Squarely in my sights would be those of the Millennial generation, although Gen Y could do with a good dose of this reality as well.
Over the years I have had many workplace related conversations where colleagues would voice complaints about someone else in the workplace. Perhaps they rub them slightly the wrong way, but whatever the reason the motivation is the same – they don’t particularly like a certain colleague as an individual. The complaint has nothing to do with the skills or ability level of the other person, it is simply a personality clash.

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