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There is no Judeo-Western anything

An article in the Aussie edition of The Spectator makes the claim that the churches of the West are in a bad way.

The churches of the West are in a bad way. You know it, I know it. Classical Liberal thinkers, both of faith and none, are understandably concerned about this. We know that the philosophy that underpins our freedoms, democratic systems, laws and very way of life are based on our Judeo-Christian heritage. Post-Modernism, the resurgence (yet again) of Marxism, and the never-ending climate of offence-taking and professional hysteria of the entitled classes are a very real and serious threat to our liberty, and to truth.

Did you spot it? Did you see the reference to that new and strange religion that used to be called Christianity but is now known as Judeo-Christianity? At this point in the article I roll my eyes and go into dismiss mode. I mean, if you can’t even get this right then you’re not worth my time. So I scroll down to see who wrote this drivel and would you believe it; no, I don’t think you will.

It’s a priest!

Fr Chris Yates was a UK policeman for 10 years before being ordained in the Church of England. He served as a priest in parishes in Australia and England before converting to Orthodoxy. He has also worked as a political adviser to Federal Senators.

I wonder when he was a bobby if he ran around arresting people under the name of our glorious Judeo-Westminister system of government? Or when he was defending the realm was it our great Judeo-British monarchy? Because that makes just as much as sense as Judeo-Christian. But now the Church is in such a bad way that he’s off to the Eastern Orthodoxy side.

Not the Judeo-Orthodoxy, mind you. That’s a rather curious omission to make in the context of things. Perhaps he doesn’t want to upset his new religion.

I suppose some of you are confused as the brainwashing and propaganda have worked on you up to this point so let me spell it out for you – there is no Judeo-Western anything. The West built itself and all of its institutions without the hindrance of the Jews. And to know just why the term Judeo-Christian is not just wrong but an abomination, have a listen to good old little Benny Shapiro when asked what he thinks of Jesus Christ.

The Jews consider Christ to be a criminal, at best. Try to reconcile that knowledge with the ongoing propaganda that Judaism and Christianity are all one and the same. All of our present troubles stem from our turning away from God, and in so doing our Church has been corrupted, and this is the greatest corruption of all. If we’re going to start fixing things then it has to start with this, whether you like it or not.


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  1. TechieDude

    Jesus was not a Jew who tried to lead a revolt against the Romans and got killed for his trouble, as Shapiro claims. Reading the bible, and history, the Romans couldn’t care less at the time. One would think that if he were that smart, he’d pick up a book or two. All over the gospels Pilate asks why Jesus is being before before him.

    It was the Jews whose feathers were being stroked backwards. They didn’t like being called out, which is what he did. He had little to say about the Romans, other than “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s” The Jews agitated to have him killed, and then spent the next years trying to route the new Christians.

    I only know and have met a few Jews, only one of which I can say was any kind of devout. Most are secular, even agnostic (which I find funny. Hard to be the chosen people when you doubt the dude doing the choosing.)

    There are values that intersect (between Judaism and Christianity), but there’s a lot a differences as well especially when it comes to interpreting scripture.

    • I don’t hesitate to tell a “jew” that he is no such thing. The meaning of the word is “a practitioner of the religion of Judah.” The religion of Judah became null and void with the destruction of the temple in AD 70. Without the sacrificial system, their religion is a heresy and a rejection of the God and prophets that established the religion in the first place.

    • Dun Ng Kruger

      >Jesus was not a Jew who tried to lead a revolt against the Romans and got killed for his trouble, as Shapiro claims. Reading the bible, and history,

      You mean the Bible only. History is a desert when it comes to references to Jesus Christ. And what better source than the Bible for determining what Romans thought of Jesus? If only every condemned prisoner got to have his Wikipedia article scrapped for his own autobiography. Hell, some have already done that (Tookie Williams and Leonard Peltier ringing a bell?)

  2. Sasha Hrongmitts

    I always like to ask them what the Judeo-Christian position on the Resurrection is. Usually stops that crap immediately.

    Maybe someday science will tell us about the Oil-Water attributes of flammability.

  3. pukeko60

    Why would an Aussie repeat an American error? This is as stupid as the British Israelites

  4. Someone

    I’m telling you, Uncle Adolf was right about (((them))).

    I had fun trolling the Israel lover’s on Ted Cruz’s Fecesbook feed. Apparently, I’m an Anti-Semite for not loving Israel but not a single one of my critics would answer whether they would like to sacrifice their life or their child for Israel. I’ll never understand why evangelicals in America have this hard on for Israel who are in fact fake Jews and not even related to the Biblical ones. At least Catholics don’t buy into that crap.

  5. Their only contribution to the west is usury. Other than that, judaism is a Christian heresy, just like islam. There isn’t a single sect of judaism out there that even follows the torah. They have been been adrift for 2,000 years, being lead by charlatan priests.

  6. Adam T

    If you are a Christian and hate God’s chosen people, you aren’t much of a Christian. The promises of God were made to Abraham, the father of the Jews, and through Jesus those promises can be shared with gentiles.

    The end times are almost upon us, and then we will see the prophecy of Zechariah 8:23 fulfilled.

    But feel free to curse the jews, and in return receive God’s curse on your head.

    • They were God’s chosen people until we got Jesus.

      • Robert Saunders

        Jesus was a Jewish rabbi, nothing more needs to b e added.

    • Keith

      Romans 9: 6-8
      “6 But it is not as though the word of God has failed. For not all who are descended from Israel belong to Israel,7 and not all are children of Abraham because they are his offspring, but “Through Isaac shall your offspring be named.”8 This means that it is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise are counted as offspring.”

      The only way for humans to be saved from sin and death is to be the chosen of God. The above Bible verses reveal the basis for being “chosen” : all humans who listen to God and believe him – (in the way that Abraham did) – are “chosen”, whether Jew or Gentile.

      God, in his wisdom, revealed how in stages how this basis works: First Stage: (the Old Covenant or Testament) – the nation of Israel was chosen to be the entry point for the Son of God (Jesus Christ) into the human race, and for the revelation of a New Covenant. Second Stage: (the New Covenant) – the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ reveals how all people can be chosen of God: in Christ – (i.e. by accepting that he’ll take your punishment, if you’ll receive his life – which means following him).

      What this all means, is that thinking that the Jews are “special” and especially valued – above all other people – is an ERROR. No nation is especially chosen to salvation or damnation – salvation is open to all humanity. Why? – because: Romans 9: 16: “It does not, therefore, depend on man’s desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.”

      Since Adam’s fall in Eden, all mankind has rejected God and deserves damnation. That God will save anyone, is entirely due to Divine mercy. So to get back to the Jew-Gentile divide – Israel was the channel to bring to mankind the Gospel, which modern Israel has rejected.

      Romans 9: 30-32 explains: “30 Just as you who were at one time disobedient [i.e. the Gentiles] to God have now received mercy as a result of their disobedience [i.e. the Jew’s], 31 so they [i.e. Jews] too have now become disobedient in order that they too may now receive mercy as a result of God’s mercy to you [i.e. Gentiles]. 32 For God has bound all men over to disobedience so that he may have mercy over them all.”

      God’s chosen people are all those – Jew and Gentile – who have received his salvation in the Church. The true “invisible” Church, which consists of all those who have truly trusted God since the time of Abraham – and the basis of which was revealed with the Advent of Christ and the New Covenant. Those who accept Christ as Saviour are God’s chosen people. Those who reject Christ are not – whether Gentile or Jew. God’s people are those who obey him – not those who reject Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

  7. Paridell

    You linked to the Ben Shapiro video, but did you watch it? Ben doesn’t say that Jesus was a criminal – he says he was a Jew who tried to lead a revolt against the Romans. No one familiar with the Gospels could take this view seriously. But what Ben says here is quite enough to invalidate your claim that “The Jews consider Christ to be a criminal, at best.” You’ll be waiting a long time before you hear him say anything like that.

  8. Ah, Adam, two of us can play at this game. Matthew 27:24-25. (“Let His blood be on us and our children!”) Sorry, definitive.

  9. Sjonnar

    Man, there sure are a lot of random people we’ve never seen before showing up out of nowhere to castigate you for criticizing the jews.

  10. @Paridell,
    “Ben doesn’t say that Jesus was a criminal – he says he was a Jew who tried to lead a revolt against the Romans.”

    Facepalm. Rebels aren’t criminals?

    The Roman governor, Pilate admitted Christ was innocent and tried to get him off by offering a Sophie’s Choice of the actual rebel Barabbas or Christ. Ultimately, he didn’t want the Jews to riot (again) so he washed his hands and had Christ executed for no reason except to placate the braying mob, which was lawful because keeping the peace was Pilate’s job.

    Even so, Christ was not accused of violating Roman law. Israel at the time was allowed a degree of self-rule but the occupying Romans had to authorize certain behaviors. Here, the Jewish leaders accused Christ of capital religious crimes but had to get Pilate’s sign-off on the execution. Which is why the the charge on the Cross was “King of the Jews”. Rome itself wouldn’t have cared whether Israel had a king so long as Lord Whoever cooperated with the Empire; in fact, there’s a case to be made that they would have installed Christ as literal King of the Jews themselves had they believed He would have kept the region pacified. Remember they ended up flattening Israel in frustration just a couple decades later?

    “what Ben says here is quite enough to invalidate your claim that “The Jews consider Christ to be a criminal, at best.” You’ll be waiting a long time before you hear him say anything like that.”

    But that’s what an honest Jew would have said. Hence the problem.

    An honest Jew would have said “that freak claimed to be God and we got him the death he deserved” and been done with the matter. That’s even a respectable position as far as it goes. But it’s hard to play Christians for Judeo-Christian fools while admitting that.

    Shapiro is a lying little shit for disavowing Christ’s bloodguilt.

  11. Allen

    The ties between Judaism, Christianity and Islam are obvious, and I don’t believe anyone has ever said differently. However, what were the contributions to the creation and sustenance of western civilization? I thought as much, it’s a case of “you didn’t build that without us” which is absolute horseshit.

    • Independent_George

      You don’t believe anyone has said different? Well that would depend on what those people state would be the ties. If you or Adam would’ve done a bit of research on the links between christianity and judaism then the term judeo-christian would seem a bit more obvious. As it stands, i think the whole concept is more a semantic and prejudiced issue rather than anything else.

      It’s pretty clear there’s an anti-
      semetic undercurrent in the alt right, dis right or whatever tf people want to label it these days. Why? There are left wing jew, right wing jews, orthadox, agnostic…why are all jews demonised? I don’t hear people calling all catholics or christians pedophiles. And besides, how could it be possible for christianity to exist without judaism? Man made judaism; then they reinvented another religion-christianity and modified it to suit the later time. Much like what we see today. The better question is: how evolved are we now as a species?

      • No, I don’t call all Catholics pedophiles. But you associate me with “anti-Semitism” simply because I’m of the dissident Right. I don’t dislike Jews simply because they are Jews, which is what “anti-Semitism” must mean, if it means anything. I get called “anti-Semite” simply because I point out the influence of Jews, far out of proportion to their numbers, in American finance, media, and academia. I get called “anti-Semite” because I believe that the financial and military support for Israel by the American government is a legitimate subject for debate. I get called ‘anti-Semite” simply for pointing out the excessive complaining about “anti-Semitism” on certain conservative websites. And you call me, and all of us on the dissident Right, “anti-Semites” simply for raising these legitimate issues. Is it any wonder that we no longer give much of a damn about being called “anti-Semite” by the likes of you?

  12. It isn’t illegitimate to refer to “Judeo-Christian morals.” The morality of Christianity is firmly rooted in the law of Moses. Having said that, the falsely labeled “Jews” don’t have a morality that is rooted in anything.

  13. Gabriel M

    If you want to rejuvenate the Christian Church, then why don’t you start with yourself, get married, have children and stop posting pictures of hawt chicks (Matthew 5:28)?

    As for the contribution of the Jews to western civilization, it’s obviously not in the same league as the Italians, French, Germans, or English, but certainly a lot more than the Irish or Estonians, for example. Maimonides was the basis for Aquinas, Spanish Jews brought fried fish to England, Talmudic law was used to draft property law after the Norman conquest of England, Jews have been prominent among great classical musicians, and there’s the chemists and physicists. It’s not all that much overall, but not nothing either.

    ‘Judeo-Christian’ fitted a particular situation in the United States when the Mainline Protestant Denominations and Reform/Conservative Jews were very similar in ethics, ceremony and to a large extent even theology and liturgy. When this broad liberal-theist consensus fell apart in the 1960s, the term was appropriated by conservatives flailing around for a way to build a front against radicalized liberalism without pissing off Jews too much. Not a bad idea, actually, as far as it goes. Jews have a lot of power in the media. No point in pissing them off gratuitously.

  14. ikr

    Did not the term of ‘Judeo-Christian’ not arise until after WWII- sometime in the 1950s? Interesting that:
    * For nigh 2 millennia, the two doctrines were not viewed as ‘similar enough’ to warrant an expression that likened the two.
    * It occurs right after a worldwide debacle involving, as a major talking point in hindsight, a specific demographic as victim status.
    Clearly a manufactured concept.

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