Kim declares that one must never put raw onion in salad.

I’ve heard of people who can eat an onion like one eats an apple, and I’m glad they’re identified so I can avoid them. It’s akin to munching on cloves of raw garlic: anti-social and disgusting.

Raw onion is foul — it smells like unwashed armpits, and it has no place in a mixed salad. Period, end of statement.

As a culinary genius, let me declare for the record that Kim is wrong. Seriously wrong, completely misguided. Raw onion is heaven in salad. I should know as I just ate some and it was heaven. Baby.

Last week I stayed at a colleague’s house for a few nights. As recompense for this act of generosity I cooked him and his lovely wife dinner on a couple of occasions. Let me state for the record that there was salad included. And let me state that there was onion in the salad. And let me also state that my colleague did not eat the onion the first time. He pushed it to the side of the plate and let it atrophy. Poor onion.

But the second time he ate it. Joyously.

This was due to me explaining to him how I prepared the onion in the salad. First of all you must use red onion and it must be sliced very very fine. As thin as you can get it. Then you put it in a bowl and then you salt it, preferably with cracked sea salt. I like to throw in some halved cherry tomatoes at this point and then I mix it all up.

Here’s the key – you need to let it sit for about 30 minutes. The salt draws out all of the yucky acidity from the onion and the result is most pleasing to the palate. It tastes rather sweet. When you add a basic mixed vinaigrette and then toss it with some salad greens, the effect is rather pleasing.

If you declare that onion has no place in a mixed salad, all that you’re telling me is that you don’t know how to cook.


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