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Friday hawt chicks & links – The miserable cretin edition.

Greetings, earthlings. Please be advised that this week’s edition of the hawt chicks & links has lots of both. It also has lots of condescension from people who leave imbecilic comments on articles that may or may not mention da jhews!

If you want to rejuvenate the Christian Church, then why don’t you start with yourself, get married, have children and stop posting pictures of hawt chicks (Matthew 5:28)?

Stop posting pictures of hawt chicks? What sort of cretinous wankstain would even think such a thing? Has anyone ever noticed that the prog left hate beauty? Anything that is beautiful they seek to destroy. Our art, our music, our architecture, our cities, the way we dress, the way we act, our literature, our landscapes, our workplaces, our cars, and of course our churches and our religion. Everywhere there is ugliness. Everywhere our enemies have done and are doing their very best to make our existence miserable through ugliness.

And you would have me dispose of the hawt chicks? The only ray of sunlight in the otherwise miserable existence of my readers? What excrement you are, sir. What a turgid piece of flotsam you resemble. Your ideas are putrid; they have the sharp stink of wickedness. Such a suggestion need only merit a reply most scorning, most full of condemnation that you continue to exist and breathe what would otherwise be valuable air. You are indeed a waste of useless space.

And now that is done, it is time for that which you all have been waiting. Lead on, dear friends, lead on. To that which awaits. The glory of the hawtness. The fascination of the links. And the knowledge that it is Friday. What a wonderful combination indeed.

Yesterday was the 4th of July so happy Independence Day to all of you taking an extra long weekend and God bless America.

Some US politicians won’t be celebrating, however. Ocasio -‘Donkey Choppers’ Cortez thinks that the US is becoming a Fascist state.

They define fascism as “whenever Democrats lose elections,” and therefore when Ocasio-Cortez says we are “headed to fascism,” what she means is that Trump will be re-elected. After all, Democrats believe the Betsy Ross flag is a symbol of “white supremacy,” so we shouldn’t be surprised that they consider patriotism a synonym for “hate.”

Yes, okay, but dig a little deeper. What she really means is that she intends to make the US a Fascist state before some other horrible person beats her to the punch.


The need for male leadership and authority.

Like the ancient Greeks, the ancient Chinese associated order with men and chaos with women. Certainly no informed person, knowledgeable about the history of human institutions, could believe that safe spaces, microaggressions, bias response teams and the like ever would have arisen in any male-only or male-dominated context. As feminists rightly give us to understand, the characteristic vices of men—violence, harshness, insensitivity—are on the other side of the psychological spectrum. Lee Jussim and other social psychologists have shown that “gender stereotypes are mostly accurate,” and that “Stereotype accuracy is one of the largest and most replicable effects in all of social psychology.” It must be understood, though many people will dismiss it as sheer prejudice, that more than men, women in their moral behavior tend to act on sheer affect. For it is the vital instinct of the mothers of our species to be deeply partial to their children. Meanwhile, arriving at the objective good requires exacting impartiality, something that, in many instances, is contrary to the interests of one’s in-group relations. If, as Rudyard Kipling said, “The female of the species is more deadly than the male,” then so much the better for the family, the terrible bias serving its interests. Yet ours is a mixed life, so what is a virtue in one domain can be a vice in another.

Much goodness in this article.


What to do with a daughter who has gone wrong?

Complementarian realism has longer range: Men are expendable, women are perishable. A boy must earn his value, a girl must preserve hers. Men respect honor, women respect strength. Disown the faithless daughter, wait for the prodigal son’s return.


This week’s quote of the week goes to reader Buena Vista at Spawny’s Space:

Women turn on a dime, Ame. Men don’t, if the relationship we’re talking about has any duration to it. Women are blessed with the ability to forget.


A young Hollywood actress blows the lid on what goes on behind the scenes. She was a major Disney child star.



Speaking of beauty – Reclaim the amateur status of the arts.

If you are interested in the arts: music, literature, drama, the visual arts… do not try to make it a career. Make it a hobby. You can avoid all the woke academics and choose your texts yourself. You can read old stuff. You can look at old paintings online and (if lucky) in old, unconverged museums. You can read old books on how to paint, to draw, to photograph.

If needed, hire a tutor.

It is time to reclaim the amateur status of art and sport. It is too important to leave to the professionals and academics. Besides, most of them hate their subject and want it to go away.

Perhaps that, also, will be sustainable

Dark Brightness is new on the scene. I like him, even though he’s a Kiwi.


Brazilian right wing president Bolsonaro lets prog left pipsqueak Trudeau know exactly what he thinks of him.


The red pill never lies.

Third Wave feminists have been shouting louder and louder in recent years about how oppressed they are, but the reality is almost exactly the mirror-reverse. Why are young feminists so angry? In part, it’s because a basic goal of feminism is to make women angry, to inspire them with revolutionary rage. In terms of their own lives, however, women are angry because feminism inspires expectations about the rewards of “empowerment” that are unrealistic.

Never at any time in human history have women had so many opportunities, but never have so many women spent so much time complaining about how miserable they are. The explanation of this seemingly inexplicable phenomenon is obvious, once you start looking at it from a Red Pill perspective. To quote the late Stan Lee: “With great power there must also come — great responsibility!”


The EU is in great hands. Nothing to see, go back to your burning homes.



I likes the onions in the salads.


We don’t do gay.


  1. You are indeed a waste of useless space.

    If the space was useless how could it be wasted?

    • Which is precisely the point; my opinion of him is so very low. Only someone of supreme worthlessness could waste what would otherwise be useless space.

  2. Weird. This didn’t come up in my feed, thus making me go looking for it. And then there were no comments here. A soft shadow ban? Or did the world end last week and we didn’t notice?
    McCain means well, but he’s at an age where I don’t think he can completely swallow the red pill. He always backs away from the precipice before he falls into saying something unchivalrous. Too bad we can no longer direct him to read Heartiste’s back catalogue, which was perhaps the point of the banning.

  3. Sasha Hrongmitts

    You Kiwis have the best blogs.

    • Dave

      Adam is (a real) Australian……………..

      • pukeko60

        Adam is an Western Australian which makes him more like Kiwis than he’s prepared to acknowledge.

        Aussies give NZ the piss on a regular basis.

      • Dave


        Its funny how what was once humor and piss-taking becomes an ugly truth in regards to that youtube link you posted, given both NZ & Oz are currently under invasion as a massive percentage of their white populations just stand idly by and grin ear to ear like idiots.

        Seems some foreign groups also looked at that youtube video and took advantage of this assessment of weakness.

    • pukeko60

      Adam’s an Ocker. Dark Brightness is written by a kiwi. Both the weka and pukeko are ratites, and are common where I grew up.

  4. “stop posting pictures of hawt chicks”

    Or perhaps the pictures, which are tasteful and refined, are to remind us of the goal.

  5. Rossini

    Love those hawt chicks!

    • Independent_George

      The institutionalised destruction of Europe is pretty anger inspiring i gotta say. So another woman fucks another army. Surprise surprise. It’s only Germany and they deserve everything they get but still.

      Tommy Robinson was also found guilty yesterday of being insensitive to muslim pedophile rapists. I’m so angry and discusted with this. It is the governments fault they have their terrorism. It’s their government that allowed tge rapists into the country and destroyed so many of their cities including the capital. When a patriot brings this to the attention of the people the government has him destroyed.

      Fuck the UK! And fuck the EU.

      Ahhh, and then the hawt chicks *sigh. Definitely needed that…

  6. Do you want the mother of your children to show off her body for the enjoyment of other men?

  7. didact117

    A young Hollywood actress blows the lid on what goes on behind the scenes

    Bella Thorne is a bisexual who was involved in a polyamourous relationship with a girl and a guy at the same time. (Don’t ask me how this works, I don’t have a single damned clue. The very idea makes my head spin.)

    And she recently completely lost her shit and broke down crying when her female ex got engaged to some YouTube star.

    That, right there, tells you everything you need to know about the psychosexual horror shows that go on behind closed doors in Hollyweird – and about the extremely destructive effects that they have upon the psyches of the children who get fed into those meat-grinders, feet first.

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