News is in that beauty product brand Nivea has separated from the advertising agency which has handled its account for over 100 years. The interesting part is that the agency ditched its client, a client that spends a cool $400 million a year on advertising. Why such a radical move? It seems that get woke go broke goes in both directions.

During the conference call, an FCB representative reportedly pitched a commercial in which two men would be filmed touching hands.
The pitch was flatly rejected, with an executive from the beauty brand allegedly saying: “We don’t do gay at Nivea.”
Among those looped in on the conference call was a gay advertising executive who had been behind the pitch.

The people behind the onrush of fag acceptance are homosexuals. Their repeated cries of just wanting to be left alone were lies, a fact that is now becoming more obvious to the greater population. Consider the “Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer” for Mastercard, Randall Tucker whom I drew attention to a couple of weeks ago. That faggot is directly behind a new push by Mastercard to destroy its own operating system.
Of course there is a social media push to boycott Nivea. But I get the feeling that they’re going to be all right.

The world has not gone PC mad – it’s gone homo mad. You will support the sodomising of your sons and the blue haired abasement of your daughters or you will be punished. But Nivea isn’t having a bar of it, pun intended.

The company has offered a lukewarm apology but I reckon they have some hardcore nationalists at the top.

I’m inclined to agree.

With this stand against the homos they’re busting a few sacred cows all at the same time. We don’t do gay indeed. A rallying cry for our sick age.

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