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Podcast #114 – The bucket list episode.

The one where I reveal in detail exactly what having a bucket list entails.
Also some updates on how all of my personal shenanigans are going.


We don't do gay.


The butt backwards US economy.


  1. Al Jahom

    Sounds like you landed on your feet.

    Raising a glass of Gavi to your newfound peace and liberation.

  2. Al Jahom

    On bucket lists you’re in accord with a Guardian columnist.

    And so am I.

    I do have a list of severed heads I’d like to see in buckets. I’m going to need a lot of buckets.

  3. Michael F Adams

    The “Bucket list” is the things to do before I kick the bucket. It does not have to be narcissistic, although, of course, if a narcissist has such a list, it will be, but that’s all it is.Altogether, it was a pretty fine rant. Your new cottage sounds really good. How big did you say that guest room is? Ah, stop worrying, I can’t afford the air fare. If another trip to Euro[e is on my bucket list, it is pretty far down, so not to worry.

  4. TechieDude

    Ahh…Morgan Freeman, the go-to ever-wise, ever-smart old black guy.

    I’d suggest everyone that has a bucket list filled with travel- here-see-this, and travel-there-see-that watch “An Idiot Abroad”. They show the stuff you don’t normally see on a travel show. Second season he goes to the Taj Mahal. Like Adam says, it’s surrounded by slums.

    I”m amazed at the number of people that won’t even drive through, let alone walk around, a slum in their own city will think nothing of dropping an ass-ton of cash to go see a worse one in a third world shithole. Years ago, my uncle took the missus back to the old country to meet relatives (in Ireland. A large part of my extended family are still farmers there.). The wife asks the lady of the house where the toilet is. So she was brought out to the barn, to the compost heap.

    And Ireland isn’t the third world.

    Myself, I have no bucket list even having brushed death’s door a few years back. I want my affairs in order, which a man should have at all times. After that, My attitude is, ‘who cares, I’ll be dead’.

    I must say, I was pretty happy reading Poor Richard’s Retirement. I think it’s a great plan anyhow (better than pissing money on an RV and traveling), and I’ve surpassed what I’d need to pull that off.

    My son was doing some maintenance on his car at out house the 4th, and I told him “Man, when I croak, you’re going to inherit a bitchin’ set of tools.”

    When my dad died, I inherited a camera set (no obsolete), a crappy Olds Ciera, and a small amount of cash, which allowed us to pay off the new AC system, and blow debt.

    Looking back, I’d have rather had the old man for another 10 years.

  5. I don’t have the visceral reaction to the term “bucket list” because it has become, in my opinion, mostly just a list of things you’d like to do some day but haven’t gotten around to it.
    Originates from the idea of “things I’d like to do before I kick the bucket” by the way. “Kick the bucket” is maybe an American slang phrase for dying that is not common in the Commonwealth?
    By the way, the whole point of The Bucket List movie (spoiler alert) is that Morgan Freeman figures out at the end that spending the rest of his days with his family is better than all those adventures. Jack Nicholson doesn’t have a family so he doesn’t have that option but he does become friends with Freeman so he also gains something from the experience. You may have missed the point if you thought it was about actually doing a bucket list set of activities.

  6. Jerry Edelen

    I’m a “Boomer” who reads your posts and listens to your podcasts regularly. I must say, driving back from the gym last evening and listening to your long harangue on Boomers and their bucket lists, you had me laughing harder than I’ve laughed in quite a long time. You were spot on and your use of humor really made your point.
    Thank you for such a quality podcast.
    Jerry E.

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