This is going to be a relatively short post as I don’t need that many words to get across my point. However, do not be misled by its brevity; I consider this to be a very useful and thus important topic for those who need to hear it. Squarely in my sights would be those of the Millennial generation, although Gen Y could do with a good dose of this reality as well.
Over the years I have had many workplace related conversations where colleagues would voice complaints about someone else in the workplace. Perhaps they rub them slightly the wrong way, but whatever the reason the motivation is the same – they don’t particularly like a certain colleague as an individual. The complaint has nothing to do with the skills or ability level of the other person, it is simply a personality clash.

My response is usually a variation of the following theme: you don’t go to work to make friends. If you do manage to make friends then that is what is known as a bonus play. But the reason you are at work is primarily because of an exchange. You provide your skills, expertise, and time while your employer pays you money. Anything that gets in the way of that exchange is unacceptable. You would find it unacceptable if your employer didn’t pay you the agreed amount at the agreed time. Consider then the reverse of the situation.
Related to this is the equally pertinent and annoying habit of people who delight in bringing their personal problems and issues to the workplace. Everyone has these issues, it is a part of life. But if we all brought them to the workplace then the entire edifice would fall apart. Thus those who do are engaged in an unfair imposition on everyone else.
Don’t get me wrong, I do my very best to remain lighthearted at work and to have a pleasant a time as possible. But foremost in my mind is the fact that we’re all there to get a job done and the sooner that we do it to the highest standard then the better. Because at the end of the day I just want to go home.
You don’t even know most of the people that you work with. You might think that you do, but you don’t. That’s because they’re just getting on with the job. As you should be doing.

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