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Friday hawt chicks & links – The stay classy edition.

Do you have your favorite beverage at hand? Are you comfortable and relaxed on your settee? Is your faithful hound at your feet, a relaxed and yet expectant look on his face as he patiently waits on your every whim? Is it a bit stormy outside, the rain hammering against the shutters as the waves crash against the distant shore? Have you just placed a nice album on the turntable, perhaps some mellow beach house or some 1950s jazz? Are you wearing both your favorite slippers and your oldest and dearest woolen sweater? Is the aroma of the stew that is faintly bubbling on the stove wafting throughout the house? Are you at peace and trouble free with nothing to do on the coming weekend?
Then, dear friends, it is time for the hawt chicks & links.

Dindu nuttin.

Woman Who Licked Tub of Ice Cream Faces 20 Years in Jail

Left out of every news report of the incident was the ethnicity of the individuals involved. Not newsworthy I suppose.


Apparently there was a women’s world cup of some sport or another. Despite the frenzied efforts of the authorities to suddenly make us all care very very deeply about all things women+soccer+lesbian+anti-Trump related, by all accounts it fell flat.

One thing has surprised me about the emergence of women’s football into public consciousness, namely its suddenness. In this respect, it is a bit like the Olympics for handicapped people or the prominence of transsexualism. It all seems somewhat less than spontaneous. If I did not know better, I would say that it was orchestrated, in which case the most interesting question is, What will they, whoever they are, orchestrate next?

Of course, there is no they
Anyway, the Yanks won and then they turned around and declared that they would absolutely not be going to the White House because has been appropriated by someone not to their collective political liking. Sport is politics now. This is of course what happens when women get involved as they have to make everything personal and about them. Stay classy girls. Oh, what I ma saying? That’s kind of hard for these particular athletes.
The interesting thing about the awful female behavior on display in that video is how very hard all of the white athletes are trying to be black. Their mannerisms, their gestures, their antics, and their language is all a poorly executed mimicry of their black betters. Trump should consider himself fortunate that these animals rejected any opportunity to bask in his presence, although I suspect that he already knew what would happen. These women are awful on every level. One can only hope that they are all, each and every one of them, lesbians, for I would not wish any of them as a future wife on my worst enemy.


Keep these college educated women in mind when you read this: The rational choice of post-college social life.

Ultimately former coeds will marry men who are mostly less attractive than the boys they “hooked-up” with in college. The former coed may feel she is “settling” for someone less attractive (in the visceral sense) than her former college flings (even though her husband is a better long-term mate). The woman’s psychic attachment to her more attractive lover(s) is symptomatic of the “endowment effect” much discussed in behavioral economics.
The flip side is that college men will often marry women who previously “put out” to better looking men in college. The married man might consider this a form of intertemporal cuckoldry; he may feel that he has bought the cow, where others have gotten the milk for free.[1] This resentment is likely to be acute for the married man who is now a successful professional and/or the primary breadwinner.[2] In this instance, the married man (who perhaps forewent “partying” opportunities in college) will feel that his wife has gotten the better of this arrangement.


I suppose all these woke football rug munchers will be going to see the new Terminator movie.

[Variety magazine]: An early “Dark Fate” poster received backlash, calling Davis and her co-stars “feminazis” and other chauvinist hate speech. How do you think she’ll be received in the room at Comic-Con?
[Director Tim Miller]: If you’re at all enlightened, she’ll play like gangbusters. If you’re a closet misogynist, she’ll scare the f–k out of you, because she’s tough and strong but very feminine. We did not trade certain gender traits for others; she’s just very strong, and that frightens some dudes. You can see online the responses to some of the early s–t that’s out there, trolls on the internet. I don’t give a f–k.

He doesn’t give a fuck. What a tough guy this director Tim Miller is. I’m not really sure that’s a wise move though, seeing that this is his first directorial shot in 4 years after his debut with Deadpool, for which he was not invited back for the sequels.


Barnaby Joyce drops the biscuit on climate change.

Private property rights are removed, by the implementation of vegetation laws, because of “climate action”. The state will limit your access to electricity because of “climate action”. You will drive an electric car because of “climate action”. You will divest the nation of its largest export because of “climate action”. Rather than state there is no prospect whatsoever that any action of ours, and most likely of anyone else, will have any affect [sic] whatsoever on the trajectory climate is on.
We have instead the congenial narrative that we are all trying to make the world get cooler, but one path or the other path is the better alternative of cooling policies . We will do this by shutting down all our power stations, replacing them with windmills and rejiggering our nation away from our largest exports of mining and agricultural resources to carbon neutral tourism and the knowledge economy. Australia will be the catalyst to a global epiphany and the totalitarian Chinese regime will follow our lead because of our righteousness followed by India and the United States.
No, I don’t think that will happen. I hate to say it but I doubt the majority of people on the planet, give a toss about the Paris Agreement. I would be amazed if one percent of the planet could competently explain it.

It was never about the climate and always about power over us minions.


Via Borepatch:


Salvini closes Europe’s largest migrant center in Sicily.

“Promise kept,” Salvini, in government also as deputy prime minister for the past year, said last week when the centre’s final inhabitants were removed, to be sent to another centre in Calabria.
This reception centre, a former housing complex for the US military that resembles an American suburb, is now guarded by Italian troops who block access under a roasting Sicilian sun.
At its peak in 2014, Mineo housed more than 4,100 people.
Its population then steadily dropped. When anti-migrant Salvini and the populist Five Star Movement came to power in June last year, it housed 2,500.


This week’s long read is from the pen of Aaron Clarey who examines the possibility that the youth don’t really know the value of money.

I don’t get Patreon.
Oh, I understand how it works.  I have an account.  I even make some decent beer money off of it monthly.  But I do not philosophically understand how it’s even a success.  The reason why is a simple economic principle my brain just can’t ignore – you’re paying for nothing.  You get nothing in return.  It is true charity and cannot possibly benefit you except for perhaps the warm fuzzies that come from helping out somebody you endorse.

Internet begging is simply the online version of leftwing infestation. It is a socialist mindset.



You don't go to work to make friends.


Workplace MGTOW.


  1. TechieDude

    I watched a bit of women’s soccer the other night, while I was at a bar (the only place I’d probably see it).
    They look like dudes. Especially the purple haired ringleader. Scrawny dudes, some with long hair, denigrating the country that allowed them to get where they are, mostly by Title IX I’m guessing. That’s what they looked like in that video – Scrawny, annoying, little dudes.
    There was a great piece on The Other Mccain:
    “There has been a lot of noise about the disparity of income between men and women in professional soccer, but the fact is that in most of the world, this is a sport played primarily by men. Only in the United States, where real men play real football, is soccer regarded as a coed sport. One reason the U.S. women are so dominant in international competition is that in soccer-crazy countries like Brazil and Argentina, the sport is still regarded as too rough for girls to play”
    It’s not an accomplishment to whallop what are essentially scrubs in sportsball. Their competition doesn’t get to enjoy the privilege and investment that the country they hate bestows on them.

  2. Dark

    Holy shit, that video of the US team shocked me.

  3. Allen

    Maybe someone should explain to those rocket scientists on the US Team that some serious coin is in the endorsement deals. Which comes from companies that average people are willing to buy products from. Maybe they need to think about their behavior. Nah, can’t tell women anything these days, it’s misogyny.
    The college educated women? They’re toast and don’t know it. Guys are on to the scam in a big way. “Hell no I’m not going to marry you, why the hell should I saddle myself with your student loan debt.” That seems to be the consensus amongst most young men.

  4. “Oh, I understand how [Patreon] works. …But I do not philosophically understand how it’s even a success. The reason why is a simple economic principle my brain just can’t ignore – you’re paying for nothing.”
    My thoughts exactly. It’s enough reward for me as a blogger to know that people listen to what I say. I’m not going to turn around and charge them rent. And why would I donate to random people who had a misfortune in their life? I gotta save up for my own misfortunes, then I won’t need to depend on anybody.
    The only time I wanted to donate to somebody’s Patreon was truck driver William Gray in Utah in 2017. Police tried to stop an erratic driver on the highway. Bastard responded by going to Hell, swerving into the path of Grey’s oncoming semi. Turned out trucker Gray was a reserve cop himself… best fireball I’ve ever seen.

  5. John

    If the women want to earn the big money… They should enter the men’s tournament!

    • purge187

      Remember the incident from a few years back when middle-school aged boys beat a professional womens’ soccer team? Yeah, pretty much that.

  6. Hurricane

    Hello all, American guy here. I know my comment might not be popular relating to real football (soccer to my fellow dumbfuck Americans; at least Aussies have the decency to call AFL as footie). Outside of the US (and to a lesser extent, Canada and the Anzacs), real football is indeed far too rough to have women play it on the professional level and for fans to go to stadiums to watch the games. Reasons being is that real football fans outside of the Anglosphere (excluding the UK) are typically of working class stock, football players are typically recruited from the same working class stock that follow the sport, and policing involved in the stadiums for the countries where it’s popular. Police in Anglosphere countries will typically crackdown harder on football hooligans/rioting than say what Greek football hooligans experience whenever they riot or even attack muslim immigrants (look up the video of PAOK fans attacking Muslims in Athens), which also makes it a safer space for females to go in and invade what would be considered a masculine space in non Anglosphere (excluding the UK) countries.
    I personally deeply hate American soccer for the reasons that make it so different to the soccer culture that exists in my parents country of origin (Mexico). I have gone to MLS games (the American professional Soccer League) and it’s a sh*tshow surrounded by a bunch of smug hipsters that try hard to copy the Soccer culture of the UK while failing hard at it and making fools of themselves. Really makes me want to watch a game of American College Football than ever go watch an MLS game. Anyway, I am always happy to give comments to any questions about soccer. Cheers guys.

  7. Post Alley Crackpot

    “Keep these college educated women in mind when you read this …”
    Spoiled Milk Sisters doubling down on bitchiness as they get older?
    It’s the curse of the West.
    I get some of these broads trying to hit on me while also trying to accentuate their oh-so-attractive bitchiness via “verbal sparring”.
    I have been Through Some Shit — I appreciate the actual Milk of Loving Kindness, not this Milk of Magnesium that they’re peddling.
    Butch-looking women playing a sport at a level not even up to the standards of a sixth-form boys football team from a small West Country village, who manage to win a game and then get all bossy-bitchy about who they’re going to allow to “recognise their achievement”?
    Maybe I should try to be impressed, but I just can’t give a toss.
    The landscaping birds who show up here to do grounds keeping are more properly fit, and they’ve done this without having to look like men with tits.

  8. Phil B

    I don’t know that women’s International soccer/football is ALL bad. There is this:

  9. I commented on Aaron’s site that Patreon donations are no different than subscribing to a newsletter used to be. You pay for value received. I don’t understand how it is “internet begging” to ask people to pay for your product, anymore than charging $.99 for a song on iTunes is.
    Remember when Tim Thomas, the goalie for the Boston Bruins, declined to go to the Obama White House after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup? He was public enemy number one. Now apparently it is the right thing to do because Trump. A quote from the Bleacher Report, the second link to show up in a Tim Thomas Google search (I don’t know exactly what it is other than it appears to be a round up of sports articles):
    “There are soldiers who fought and died so that Thomas would have the right, as a free citizen, to freely choose to sign a contract worth millions and millions of dollars with the Boston Bruins. Included in that contract would be his obligations to represent the Boston Bruins in public. Unless I am sadly mistaken, there was no clause in there which stated that Thomas would not have to represent the Boston Bruins if it involved a trip to the White House.”
    Meanwhile not one mention on the Bleacher Report of the refusal of some of the player’s to visit the White House.

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