When I first heard the news that everyone’s favorite Youtube personality Emily Hart had died in a tragic e-scooter accident I obviously felt some degree of regret for her and her family and loved ones. No matter how deluded she had been in life and no matter how poor her personal choices, she had a right to live and exist just as much as anyone else does. So for her to die in such a manner is terrible. May she rest in peace.
However, in her brief life there are lessons to be learnt for young women. I watched her final video that she put up only a few days before her untimely accident. It’s quite short and to the point. In it she shared her top 10 reasons for dating a younger man.

If you are a public personality then your life will be examined when you die. There is no getting around this. So in this respect her final video is somewhat unfortunate. Getting away from the fact that the e-scooter on which she died was a present from her boyfriend which he gives to her in the video, the remainder of her points speak volumes as to a life wasted.
Not only that, but in these ten points she seemed determined to continue her past litany of poor choices. For example, point 7 is to do with delaying responsibility. Instead of saving money to buy a home, she wanted to continue spending every cent she had by going on holidays. With a younger man she could continue with this lifestyle. It was a lifestyle of no planning or thought for the future. It’s sad to know that ultimately her decision was born out by fate, but this is not how one should approach life. We hopefully all do grow old, but by doing so we must plan for how that will eventuate. Hart’s philosophy of eternal gratification via life experiences is all too common with people today. Supposedly nobody younger than 40 is familiar with a little parable about a grasshopper and an ant.
Then there are her double standards of being ecstatic that her boyfriend had never had a previous relationship while simultaneously admitting in a carefree manner that she had had plenty. I am sure that people will rush to her defense that this video is not representative of her life, but the fact is that it perfectly represents where she was at. She was a woman who had wasted all of her opportunities for motherhood for throwaway moments of fun that added up over time until she reached the point where she was freezing her eggs and publicly making videos about it.
And in the end, for her final moment of Youtube fame, her last top 10 point was to inquire of her boyfriend if he would be up for a sex game that involved her ramming a pink dildo up his backside.
This woman simply wasted her life. She believed all of the modern feminist woke lies and as a result she was a train wreck. I genuinely feel sorry for her, I really do. She was a beautiful woman. Imagine if she had found a suitable man when she was in her early twenties and she had become a wife and mother with a home full of lovely children. Instead she had reached the age of 35 and pink dildos on television. Her brief life should be a warning to young women everywhere of what not to do.

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