The two weeks away from the internet while my site was transferred to a private hosting service have turned out to be well needed. Sometimes you just have to have a break from all of the random turmoil. Many events have happened in that time but the world is still turning and things seem to continue exactly as before. Boris is prime minister and good for him. I hope that it all goes well as he attempts to halt the decline. The USA is still on track to self implode, and Europe keeps on being as stultifying as ever. As for Australia, it appears that our swimmers have bigger balls than our entire foreign service.

The site transfer is still not complete as we haven’t as yet been able to transfer all of my blog followers. If we can’t get it done by next week then it looks like you’ll all have to sign up to follow me once again. It’s a small price to pay to get away from the SJW overlords at WordPress. The sudden banishment of Roissy’s site was the last straw for me. But as it turns out, WordPress is rather expensive as well. I’ve cut my operating costs by about 40% by moving to a private server and it’s much faster to load as well.

Here in Holland it’s been a record week temperature wise. It hit 40 degrees Celsius on Thursday which was awesome. Most of the Dutch of course are collectively losing their minds; it’s the end of the world you see. Individually every year the Dutch spend thousands traveling to exotic locales where the sun shines, the weather is hot, and they can return home with a deep tan so as to get them through the long winter. So you would think that when they get that exact weather in their own country that they’d be celebrating. Not so, not so. Climate change means that you have to feel guilty for having nice weather. Yes, the Dutch are out there enjoying the sunshine and the heat but they can’t escape that nagging feeling that this also means that the world is about to end. It’s the modern version of the Gauls believing that the sky was always about to fall on their heads. Kinda puts a dampener on everything else.

I’ve been enjoying the new abode with the lovely wooden deck that extends over the still water in front of the restored windmill. And as of today I am on holiday for 3 weeks. It’s been a hell of a year in so many aspects so I am looking forward to this time off. This morning I wandered into the town and spent an hour shopping at the large outdoor market perched alongside the canals. Over the next week I’m going to work to get the website all sorted out, and regular posting resumes from today. Thanks for all of your patience during this period. The blog is back and my knives are sharpened. All is as it should be.

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