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#MeToo – The left’s ultimate plan for relationships.

An article about the ridiculous #MeToo movement is not just a case study in the duplicitous and exploitative behavior of women, but is also a somewhat frightening examination of what not to do as a man if you find yourself a target of the #MeToo mob.

Tucker wrote that while making out in bed with Kaiman, she had a change of heart, so she stood up and said she didn’t want to continue. She wrote, “He lay on the bed, not moving, watching me. I remember that he sort of smiled and seemed to pout.” As they talked and she repeated that she didn’t want to have sex, she wrote, “he began to whine,” which made her feel “like it was too late to back out.”

In Kaiman’s telling, he was startled by Tucker’s sudden U-turn and tried verbally to re-establish their previous playful mood. While they talked, he stayed where he was; he didn’t want to make any physical move toward her. He says that after a brief conversation he concluded the night was coming to an end and that he should leave, so he sat up with the intention of getting dressed.

She described what happened next: “I am still so upset that I concluded the easiest, least confrontational way forward was to place male satisfaction above my own desires and to go back to bed.” The sex made her feel “gross,” she wrote, and Kaiman left immediately afterward. His recollection is that she was a full participant and that he stayed the night. When he went to kiss her goodbye the next morning, he says, he was surprised that she seemed distant and upset.

This is what used to be known as a charity fuck, a situation where it would be more socially difficult to not have sex with a person. I have performed a few of these in my time; the motivation being to allow the woman in question to keep hold of her self worth. A lot of women do not handle rejection very well at all. But as it turns out, even more women cannot handle performing charity fucks.

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Podcast #119 – The “personal transformation” episode.

Girls going through “personal transformations” is code for actively attempting to go insane. Also, the ultimate progressive end game plan for relationships, (hopefully you won’t like it), and why you should never go down on a girl.

The Amazon fires – morons gotta moron.

Every year the Amazon burns; get over it. Call it a clean out if you will, nature’s way of sweeping out the cobwebs. Every year it burns but all of a sudden this year it’s a very big deal. “The lungs of the world are burning”, or other such rubbish that I am seeing plastered everywhere by the great gullible Western populations. If I hadn’t have spent so much time in Africa I might be persuaded into believing that we were the most stupid people on the face of the planet.

In other words, a bit of knowledge goes a long way to decreasing gullibility. But before this week I didn’t know anything about forest fires in the Amazon basin. So I did about 35 seconds of research and guess what; it’s completely standard, you morons.

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Test cricket is the greatest game in the world.

Cricket is the greatest sport in the world. Everyone who has not grown up with cricket scoffs at that notion. Everyone who grew up bowling all day in the nets on summer holidays to your mates in 40 degree heat knows the truth of that statement. Cricket is the greatest game because cricket reflects life, not over a 2 hour period but a 5 day one. A 2 hour period is a battle. A 5 day length of time for one sporting match is a war. And 5 matches over a summer for one result is a lifetime.

Hence, cricket is life.

Over the last 4 days I have watched the greatest cricket match and thus the greatest sporting clash that I have ever seen. And my team lost at the last gasp. And my team could well argue that they had the match stolen from them by an exceedingly poor umpiring decision.

And I do not care because England did not win the match today; test cricket did.

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Cooking thread – Green cabbage salad.

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Sunday cooking thread, so let’s take a break from the madness of the world and have a look at one of my mainstays in my cooking arsenal. I recently wrote about how to dress salad onion using salt to ferment the onion before eating; in a way it’s cooking without heat. This softens and sweetens the onion making it not just palatable but delicious.

Let’s have a look at how we can use salt with another vegetable in this way.

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The beginning of the great push back.

You can only push folks so far before a few of them begin to wake up, and it does not take many to halt a tide of persecution. The progs have recently moved from using racism as the great catch-all to using the ad hominem of white supremacy. One presumes that they do not see the irony here. Of course, even if they did realise they would not care. They have more important business on their hands. What better way to go down in history than the first self assisted genocide. You’re guaranteed a spot on Wikipedia. Immortality, comrades!

But some folks in positions of potential authority are beginning to rise to the challenge. This is perhaps the most heartening headline that I have seen for a very long time.

Candidate: Michigan City should be a as white “as possible”.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The white edition.

A bit of a late one this week on the hawt chicks & links, but better late than a big fat stick in your eye, you bunch of miserable ingrates. So much happening, so much to talk about, too much really – I think that I might just blow bubbles as I sink underwater to a depth of 112mm wherein I will ponder the butt crack of this here crawfish. Drugs are good.

Anyhoo, this week is the white edition. White is the best color in the world because from that point anything is possible. You can infer all of the rest. Why, I must be a horrible hating hater person.

There is a reason that the opponents of the Bolsheviks were the White Russians. And now 100 years later we’re on the cusp of it happening again. I wonder if foreign troops will leave their armies and come to help us defend Western civilization from ourselves as what happened in 1917. I tell you what; every foreign fighter who takes up the cause of most righteous freedom will get a cookie. You can’t do better than that.

And you can’t do better than the hawt chicks & links because it is the linkiest and it is the hawttest. And also the whitest.

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They’re not your children anymore.

Reader Moritz alerted me to this article which details a family that was torn apart by the homosexual cult.

Parents are suing a Connecticut public school district and the state Department of Children and Families (DCF), arguing officials from both undermined their parental rights, interfered in their relationship with their daughter, who claims to be lesbian, and harassed them because of their Catholic faith.

The teenage girl wrote a simple poem expressing her angst with the world around her. In other words, pretty standard stuff. But the school used this as a springboard to ultimately confiscate the girl from her parents. They did this by failing to follow their own written procedures, hence the lawsuit. You can read the article yourselves to find out the juicy details, but I want to concentrate on a few aspects of this case.

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The recycling scam exposed.

Regular readers of this arrogant blog know that the modern man does not recycle. I wrote that article over three years ago and this is what I said then:

Think about it; if recycling made sense then you could make money from rubbish! People would be selling their rubbish! Instead, they’re making you sort it all out and then taking it from you for free. What the fuck? Well, that’s because there is not only no money in recycling but it actually costs significant sums in subsidizing.

The other cost to perform this religious ceremony is your own time, which is finite and thus valuable. But the only form of shaming that exists today is that for people who do not mindlessly follow the new progressive religion. So sit in line for 10 minutes with your motor idling to wait to publicly put 2 plastic bottles in the recycling bin. (H/T Borepatch.)

But now the used glass is coming back to the beer bottle pile with the news that a major recycling company in Australia has gone bust owing over $100 million.

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Democracy + Immigration = Subjugation.

President Trump is making noises about purchasing Greenland, a better case of misnaming of which is difficult to find. It’s a strategic call for control of the Arctic but there’s also a lot of mineral wealth in the region, especially uranium. But I saw this little quote the other day which I found interesting:

Greenland says it is not for sale. On a humorous note, 4Chan wants Trump to give us the word, and 70,000 of us will migrate illegally to Greenland, take it over demographically, and then vote to secede, and join the US. Ironically, it would work.

Ironically it’s working in many other countries around the world, but Australia in particular. Import hordes of incompatible people and give them the right to vote. What could possibly go wrong? Well, you quickly begin to lose the very aspects of your country that attracted the immigrants in the first place. But because they are in such high numbers they operate with a herd mentality, and elections are no different. Large numbers of immigrants cluster together because they have no other choice if they want to get ahead. The leaders emerge and then coerce, bully, or threaten their countrymen into voting along a certain line. This is in exchange for rewards for the cultural leaders from traitorous native Australians. The traitorous Australians ensure the short term political victory of their party in exchange for the long term loss of their country’s heritage and cultural identity.

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