I’m in Italy, more specifically Val di Sole. You’re all already more than familiar with this spot as you’ve all read my second book, Run Guts Pull Cones. Right? Right?


Anyhoo, I’m here for 10 days or until boredom sets in which should be a close run either way. The lack of posting has been due to a critical lack of the internets connections. I’m staying with old friends who recently purchased a large house way up on the side of a mountain. The view is rather spectacular. I tried posting a photo but for some reason the internet wouldn’t load it. Bad internet.

Anyway, I eventually sorted the lack of connectivity to the outside world by way of some high technology moves on my part. Specifically, I purchased a long cable and plugged directly into the router. Wonder of wonders, it works. Yippee for me.

I arrived in Van di Sole on Sunday which was also the final day of the Mountain Bike World Cup. I caught the last race which was the men’s elite cross country event. The track was pretty much insane. The competitors raced flat out for over an hour. The cross country event has changed radically from when last I viewed it here a few years ago. Back then it had very little of the ups and downs and mostly comprised flat bits through pretty forest which meant that normal road racing cyclists could come in and clean up.

Not so much any more. I was exhausted just watching it. There were some very serious ups and some even more extremely serious downs. A Dutch guy won the race which was impressive considering Holland’s serious lack of the ups and downs.

The crowd was large, friendly, happy, content, good looking and completely and utterly white. I hate to point this out to the good folks at the downhill mountain bike HQ but there is a total lack of diversity involved in their sport. I spotted one Asian guy and he looked like he was lost or delivering pizza, (probably equal measures of both). It was wall to wall white people; but not just wall to wall white people but wall to wall good looking and healthy white people, in other words, not fat.

Frankly, it was quite shocking and I had to have a good lie down for several days to recover from it all.

There were some serious hawt chicks at the event. Just saying.

People whose skin color is not as mine are not interested in mountain biking for what I perceive are two main reasons. First, it is an extremely physically demanding sport and more than a little terrifying. With no room for the lazy that leaves out most of the darkies right there. The other reason is that it is a very expensive sport. You’re going to drop ten large on a bike and even that’s probably not enough to get you started. All of the main bike manufacturers had displays set up and they usually involved a very impressive looking bike hanging from a scale so as to show its weight. To the milligram. Blacks tend to favor sports where there is not much gear needed to participate. Sports like basketball, gridiron and car-jacking.

Of course I fully expect that in the near future the SJW harpies will descend on the sport in a mushroom cloud of anger and angst as to the total unacceptability of not having any “persons of color” present. Actually, they’ll probably go the fag route first and openly celebrate their first LGBTQASZXCE competitor. On this note I took a good look, and I mean a very good look, at the female competitors and they were very much of the young, hawt, fit and heterosexual persuasion. Don’t ask me how I know the heterosexual part; you’ll just have to trust me.

All that counts in mountain biking is your skill versus the hill. There is no conceivable way in which to make it more “inclusive” for the terminally inadequate. So for now it appears to be safe from the ravages of the army of darkness. But that won’t stop them from trying and I very much expect to see future attempts to bring yet another hobby of white people to its knees. If somewhere white people are having fun by themselves then this needs to be stopped right away. Because it’s racism, don’t you know.

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