Reviews on my books have been a bit thin on the ground this year even though both continue to sell at a steady if not earth shattering pace. Like Nathan Lyon coming in to bowl; a bit of a hop and a step, then a graceful loop that leaves everyone bewildered. But I got a couple of reviews this month and this one in particular gave me the warm fuzzies:

I was at one of the lowest points of my life when I picked up this book. I was a lost college student, not entirely sure on what to do with my life, this may be part of the reason I related to this book so much. By reading Adam’s story and his journey to manhood, I really felt like I learned about what it truly means to be a man. As a younger lad, I am currently going through many trials and tribulations in the prospects of become a true man. As a veteran reader, very few books are able to really get me invested into the story and I am proud to say that Pushing Rubber Downhill is one of the very few exceptions. Best of luck to you Adam!

Nice. It was nice to read that, particularly as I haven’t been of the best humor this past week. Too much spare time to think. Need to get back to work and come home exhausted after a day spent grinding the lathe into the mill.

I received a comment on yesterday’s post which gave me pause:

I took Adam’s advice awhile ago about using escorts. I myself really was pretty clueless about having sex and I think it was in one of his podcasts that he recommended to guys in their twenties to use escorts to learn how to fuck. And that is what I did!

Yee gods; someone taking my bad advice. It’s rather unsettling to discover that mindless throwaway lines that you say on a podcast episode which I have already forgotten can hit someone so hard that they go out and, well, sleep with hookers. I’m not sure what to say about this one other than maybe I should watch my language. Words are powerful after all. Hopefully it did him some good but I’m probably going to have to seek penance on this one.

Just as long as he didn’t call out my name. I’m told that hookers don’t dig that.

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