Regular readers of this arrogant blog know that the modern man does not recycle. I wrote that article over three years ago and this is what I said then:

Think about it; if recycling made sense then you could make money from rubbish! People would be selling their rubbish! Instead, they’re making you sort it all out and then taking it from you for free. What the fuck? Well, that’s because there is not only no money in recycling but it actually costs significant sums in subsidizing.

The other cost to perform this religious ceremony is your own time, which is finite and thus valuable. But the only form of shaming that exists today is that for people who do not mindlessly follow the new progressive religion. So sit in line for 10 minutes with your motor idling to wait to publicly put 2 plastic bottles in the recycling bin. (H/T Borepatch.)

But now the used glass is coming back to the beer bottle pile with the news that a major recycling company in Australia has gone bust owing over $100 million.

China’s decision to stop accepting overseas waste was the first domino in a series that ended up with SKM collapsing and Australia’s recycling piling up with no one to process it.

SKM was ordered to stop taking recycling after a number of fires at its Melbourne facilities, but the company was also unable to send the material overseas.

Warehouses full of unprocessed rubbish are now filling up in Victoria, while other recycling is being sent straight to landfill.

How about that; we haven’t been recycling this stuff at all. We’ve simply been throwing it all together and shipping it off to China of all places to then be stored in landfill. We were also shipping it to Indonesia but they told us to stop sending the crap over a year ago. Imagine that; a country the size of Australia with all of its available desert for landfill was shipping waste to Indonesia which has approximately 0.0000001% of free land available and that is already covered with rubbish.

Do you have any idea how much energy is required to ship waste to China? The engines on a modern ship have horsepower measured in the tens of thousands. You don’t go $100 million into debt in a business that is profitable, which should make it very clear even for the most dimwitted of you that there is no money in recycling outside of aluminum.

That we have a waste crisis in a country that has more space for landfill than anywhere else in the world is appalling. The fact that we were dumping our shit in other countries so as to continue the illusion that recycling is “saving the planet” is beyond shameful. And now that recycling has been exposed as the ironically polluting scam that it is, what do we hear from the people that perpetuated this fraud and the idiots that eagerly participated in it?

Crickets, people. Crickets. The sound of silence.

Which only tells me that they are even now in the process of moving on to the next great delusion. Unbelievable. And if you continue to use recycling bins now then you’re not only a bloody idiot; you simply don’t care about the environment.

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