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Podcast #118 – The black dog episode.

Winston Churchill used to get the black dog. Stupid old fart. He used to take afternoon naps too. What a loser. I might have been a bit pissed off when I recorded this on Sunday.
Also, Clarey needs to buy his own fucking clothes.

Apparently I told people to go and sleep with hookers.

Reviews on my books have been a bit thin on the ground this year even though both continue to sell at a steady if not earth shattering pace. Like Nathan Lyon coming in to bowl; a bit of a hop and a step, then a graceful loop that leaves everyone bewildered. But I got a couple of reviews this month and this one in particular gave me the warm fuzzies:

I was at one of the lowest points of my life when I picked up this book. I was a lost college student, not entirely sure on what to do with my life, this may be part of the reason I related to this book so much. By reading Adam’s story and his journey to manhood, I really felt like I learned about what it truly means to be a man. As a younger lad, I am currently going through many trials and tribulations in the prospects of become a true man. As a veteran reader, very few books are able to really get me invested into the story and I am proud to say that Pushing Rubber Downhill is one of the very few exceptions. Best of luck to you Adam!

Nice. It was nice to read that, particularly as I haven’t been of the best humor this past week. Too much spare time to think. Need to get back to work and come home exhausted after a day spent grinding the lathe into the mill.

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You’re not a sex worker, you’re a whore.

A man allegedly murdered a prostitute in Sydney this week, and afterwards ran down the street brandishing a knife and causing chaos. He was tackled by a few brave men on the spot who used chairs and a milk crate to overcome him, guns being naughty in Australia. It only emerged a few days after the fact that the murdered women was a prostitute. Worse than this, her family didn’t know as she was assumed to be a good girl studying at university.

It turns out that she was studying at university. But a girl has to have an income and all so she and a friend were on the job, as such. Well, it turns out that this is not so unusual these days in the world of higher education.

Sex industry targets uni students on campus.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The don’t be evil edition.

When Google was launched the company’s unofficial motto was, “Don’t be evil.” The problem with a negative clause is the brain’s filtering system and how it analyses information. For example, you’re driving down the road and suddenly you begin repeating to yourself, “Don’t hit the rock, don’t hit the rock.” In that moment the brain locks on to the main body of the sentence. In other words the brain simply hears, ‘hit the rock’.

Which you do. What you want to focus on is not what you want to avoid but rather where you actually want to go.

For its almost 20 years of existence, every Google employee has been doing their job while assimilating the phrase ‘be evil’ in their subconscious. And they’ve be living down to expectations. The latest whistle blower from the company was raided by the cops in the early hours of the morning. But that’s just a foretaste.

San Francisco police received a call from Google which prompted a “wellness check.” “They got inside the gate, the police, and they started banging on my door… And so the police decided that they were going to call in additional forces. They called in the FBI, they called in the SWAT team. And they called in a bomb squad,” Vorhies told Project Veritas.

They called in the SWAT team and the bomb squad – for a “wellness check.” It’s for your own protection, don’t you know. But wait, there’s more.

“From what I’ve understood from other attorneys, they are trying to establish that I’ve got some sort of mental problem in order to make their case easier. This is a large way in which they intimidate their employees that go rogue on the company,” he explained.

San Francisco police confirmed to Project Veritas that they did receive a “mental health call” and went to Vorhies’ address.

Perform a remote psychological diagnosis and then call in the local cops to do your bidding who obediently comply with no hesitation. Stalin himself would have been proud. All we’re missing is the re-education camp. Except this is a private company, not a government. Who wields the power now?

“This is an act of atonement to make my conscience clear,” he said. “I’ve been living with this burden for 3 years. I saw something dark and nefarious going on with the company. I felt that our entire election system was going to be compromised forever by this company that told the American public that it was not going to do any evil.”

Yeah, about that motto – Google quietly dropped it last year. Superfluous to requirements. I imagine that a full scale internal Night of the Long Knives is presently underway at Google. All bad thinkers must be expunged.

And with that pleasantness out of the way it’s time for this week’s vainglorious edition of your favorite linkage and hawtness compendium. May the hawts be with you.

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The great Australian replacement.

A few weeks ago a vote was held in the Australian Senate on whether or not to present a plebiscite to the Australian people on the subject of immigration. The topic of immigration was a hot one during the recent Australian Federal election in May. Australian legal immigration levels are the highest in the world per capita and close to the highest in absolute terms. The Australian people have never been asked their opinion on these matters; it has been decided for them by a coalition of nebulous government and NGO entities.

The plebiscite bill was defeated by 54 votes to 2.

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Lessons from my divorce.

It’s been ten months since my now ex-wife nuked our marriage into orbit because feelings. I now feel capable of writing about the lessons that I have learnt over this time. I write this purely as a future reference for readers who unfortunately find themselves in the same situation as I did. To clarify, there will be no personal details about what happened as that is private and apart from me only one other person on this earth knows the real truth.

Let us begin.

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Don’t think your isolated farm will save you.

I am seeing a fair number of commentary from people on the dissident side of politics regarding the practice of stepping away from unfolding events. For example, in one of his latest travelogue videos Roosh V stayed at a friend’s farm in rural Kentucky. Roosh expressed the view that not only was it refreshing to tune out from politics while he was there but that it would be a good option to just get yourself a piece of land and bug out from the greater malaise and forthcoming calamitous times.

This view is at best misguided. When really big moments occur in history there is no escaping for anyone. All you can do is pick a side and fight. Take for example the German population of East Prussia. In his book The Fall of Berlin, Anthony Beevor makes a chilling observation on their fate at the hands of the Soviet Union.

“A population which had stood at 2.2 million in 1940 was reduced to 193,000 at the end of May 1945.”

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Podcast #117 – The I will survive episode.

The one where I describe the worst road trip across Europe, ever. Also, how I began to liberate myself from my recent divorce.

The book I was trying to remember for Cappy – Save the Cat.

Basketball boobs.

A few years ago I was at a staff party for a large bar in which I worked at the time. We had a big day of it out on the ocean on a charted boat. The bar girls were all in bikinis and the ugliest one among them was a strong 7. We anchored at a small island off the coast and drank and ate ourselves into stupification on the white sandy beach. There may or may not have been other substances involved as well. Finally the day became late and it was time to take the boat back to harbor. We ended up at a bar where a bunch of us did our very best to start a large fight but to no avail.

One of my colleagues had fake tits. We discovered that she had fake tits because I asked her. She confirmed that they were indeed fake thus solving a puzzle that had beset a bunch of us for a good quarter of an hour. This is a long time when you’re off your tits. In all honesty I was so far gone that it was hard for me to string a coherent sentence together.

I then remarked to the young lady that I had never touched fake boobs before. She smiled, a broad and open smile, the sort of smile that would have launched ships back in the day. Then she said that I was more than welcome to try them out for myself.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The woke edition.

This time we’ll get communism right, comrades. That’s what all the socialists are saying. People, and I use that term loosely, gravitate to socialism because they do not measure up to competition. The problem is that when they join the socialist group there is a lot of competition to be the best socialist. Being the best socialist that you can be entails a competition of the woke. The more woke that you are, the more your stocks rise as a socialist. Unfortunately the modern socialist cannot escape the laws of selection even here as special groups get special dispensations and privileges. For example, if you are not white then you are automatically better than other socialists. This adds up and adds up until what does a white guy have to do to get ahead in socialism?

The hawt chicks & links for this week explores the crazy and dangerous world of socialism. May the frog be with you.

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