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Month: August 2019

The scientific case against redheads.

On yesterday’s post some commenters were confused as to why I included redheads in my opening salvo list of attributes you want to avoid in women if you intend on wifing up.


Why are women with redheads bad for wives?


I would have liked Adam to make the distinction between genuine gingers and dyed red hair. Dyed red hair is a big red flag, gingers are like other women imho: many bad ones but don’t dismiss them out of hand.

Contrary to what some of you may think my inclusion of redheads, natural redheads, as being sub-optimal for purposes of a serious and stable relationship was carefully considered. My days of wilful and ill thought out behavior ended that fateful morning that I peered too far inside a threshing machine.

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The number one thing you must do as parents to raise successful kids.

Science Says Parents of the Most Successful Kids Do These 10 Things. That’s the headline. In reality it’s an opinion piece. Even worse, it’s an opinion piece from a guy attempting to flog his e-book. Here are his 10 must do things for parents to raise successful kids:

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The complete lack of diversity in downhill mountain biking.

I’m in Italy, more specifically Val di Sole. You’re all already more than familiar with this spot as you’ve all read my second book, Run Guts Pull Cones. Right? Right?


Anyhoo, I’m here for 10 days or until boredom sets in which should be a close run either way. The lack of posting has been due to a critical lack of the internets connections. I’m staying with old friends who recently purchased a large house way up on the side of a mountain. The view is rather spectacular. I tried posting a photo but for some reason the internet wouldn’t load it. Bad internet.

Anyway, I eventually sorted the lack of connectivity to the outside world by way of some high technology moves on my part. Specifically, I purchased a long cable and plugged directly into the router. Wonder of wonders, it works. Yippee for me.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The fresh air edition.

Two weeks without the hawt chicks & links, let me guess – you all went outside and got some fresh air while playing ball with your mates and some hawt chicks walked by and you said hello and you all ended up getting cheeseburgers and cherry cokes down at Harry’s Bar, ammiright?

Or maybe you cried into your greasy, unkempt, matted, thinning hair.

But what I am saying?? The hawt chicks & links is no place for depressing tales or anecdotes. This is where dreams are made and perhaps even realised. Now I appreciate that there are some of you out there who haven’t opened your bedroom door in several years. And I’d really prefer it if you keep those doors shut tight. Some things just shouldn’t see the light of day. But the hawt chicks & links should, because we got links and we got hawtness and we got not much else, but that’s all right because that’s all any of you ever want. You’re so easy. I love it.

On with it.

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Deriving all your value from a girl.

A young man writes to Cappy about his life. He is despondent because his girlfriend left him for another guy. For the second time. As you would expect, Cappy goes to town on him. I particularly liked the long, drawn out sigh just a few seconds into the video.

On the one hand this young man shouldn’t have to pay someone like Cappy to tell him what he needs to know as the answers are all there on the internet and if he is familiar with Cappy then he must also be familiar with the manosphere. But denial leaves us prone to not being able to sort out our own problems due to its very nature; we put on the blinkers and we filter out the information that makes us feel uncomfortable. Which is why you sometimes need a third party such as Cappy to give you a good dose of reality.

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