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Podcast #121 – The groovy tunes episode.

I play a groovy tune. Also, Greta whatshername, Dr Jordan whatshisname, and a whole bunch of other stuff jam packed into a brief but memorable kettle of fun times for young and old.

Link mentioned from The Other McCain.


The importance of sleep and relaxation.

I have had a difficult but satisfying week at work; we met a big challenge and achieved a major objective. This was in France so I spent the week in a hotel while eating restaurant food. This is not how I like to spend my time but it needed to be done. When I was younger I would have jumped at the chance to stay in hotels and eat in restaurants, but no longer. I value my own bed and the food of my own efforts. Above all else I value the peace and quiet of home.

This weekend has been about rest. Yesterday I did not leave the house at all. I relaxed with good food and wine, books, and modest perusal of the interwebs. Today I left the house for a short time, but now I am back and I have no plans to go out for the rest of the day. It is cold and wet, just the perfect kind of day for remaining indoors. I have a chicken in the oven and an excellent bottle of Italian red on the table.

This is all because I know that I need to recuperate and recharge. Going out is not recharging as that takes effort and any expended effort is a little bit more out of the battery. But above all else I have been sleeping. A good solid eight hours each night and that is because sleep is important.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The how dare you edition.

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear; Greta Thunberg is a woman for our times. I don’t consider her to be a child as 16 is about the emotional maturity that most women reach and never progress from over the course of their lives. She is a woman for our times because her scolding, condescending and unintelligent emotional blather perfectly encapsulates the feminist matriarchy in which we currently suffer.

Up to today I had managed to ignore this idiot woman, but the guys over at Men of the West posted a synopsis of the climate shenanigans going on at the UN and I decided to watch the video of her addressing the esteemed UN body.

Look, I starred in a few school plays and I can tell you right now that this sort of miserable acting performance would have had our year 10 drama teacher going ballistic at this misbegotten excuse for thespian talent. All they need to do to wrap things up is to make a movie about her life and get the talentless Brie Larson to perform the starring role, as the acting performances will be on par with one another.

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Bring out your NPCs.

My article on Peterson was cross-posted at XYZ magazine. It had a lot of comments, particularly on Facebook. The Peterson fan boiys descended en masse to defend their poor great guru from the dastardly attacks of the horrible Adam. Which is exactly what the editor of XYZ, David Hiscox, and I expected. It’s happened every time. As I commented to David, Peterson could run naked down the street while drooling and screaming at the sky and he would still get a free pass.

Previously the ad hominem attacks employed against me when I took a shot at Peterson were along the lines of me being jealous of the great guru. But it’s kind of hard to be jealous of an obvious raving lunatic, so his defenders were forced to get creative and choose other avenues to suit their needs. Chief among them was the accusation that I do not understand mental illness, the apparent inference being that my accusers do understand mental illness.

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Peterson’s lunacy reflects on those who mindlessly followed him.

I was not surprised when I heard the news yesterday that everyone’s favorite authority for being a man in the modern world has checked himself into a clinic due to severe depression. Jordan Peterson has been suffering from obvious pathologies in the public sphere for some time. His demented book about 12 rules for life is an incoherent descent into the nightmare of a man who is so off the charts that he is forced to create specialist rules in order to continue functioning in an outwardly normal manner.

Peterson doesn’t pat cats in the streets because he’s a nice guy; he does it to continually convince himself that he is a nice guy.

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The ability to think for yourself.

My apologies for no hawt chicks & links this week but it has been very busy for me and while I made sure to get an article up every day, I did not have time to browse the interwebs for suitable additions to a links article. That’s where the time is spent, finding the links. But I have down a little pursuing this morning and while it is not nearly enough for a links article, it is more than enough to write something to get your juices flowing in a general sense.

This is the ability to think for yourself.

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Extorting the West with the climate change scam.

UN bars coal nations from stage at global emissions conference.

Australia has been barred from speaking at a UN climate summit in New York next week, where China and India will call for ­trillions of dollars more in climate funding from the developed world.

Other big economies, including the US and Japan, have also been silenced because they have not agreed to increase their am­bitions to tackle climate change.

Despite being one of the world’s top investors in ­renew­able energy last year, ­Australia is criticised for relying heavily on coal and refusing to contribute fur­ther money to a green climate fund.

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SNL – Hire a white guy so you can fire a white guy.

SNL hasn’t been funny for over 30 years and its relevance has declined in proportion to the exhaustion of any comedic value the show once had back when John Belushi was still alive. So in order to artificially propel the show back up in the ratings and give it some much needed “woke” credibility, the producers had to get creative when preparing for the new season.

First of all they hired a gay Chinese comedian, which is funny because Asians are like women in that they aren’t funny. But it seems that everyone is hiring gay minorities these days so this in itself wouldn’t really give them that many points on the totem pole of wokeness.

No, what was needed here was some really dry tinder in the underbrush that they could set off at exactly the right moment so as to gain the best exposure possible. Thus, this is a story of manipulation in the age of wokeness, where white guys are sacrificed at the altar of progressive politics in order to get a few extra hits on the old television screen.

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World blogging super smack down standoff.

The very first trait of my lists of core abilities and interests that I feel is indispensable for the modern man is the ability to be moderate. Coming in at number one you would thus assume that I feel it to be rather important and you would be right. What then to make of the fact that Nobel-Prize Winning, MacArthur Genius Grant Near Recipient John Wilder believes moderation to be for monks and ruffles.

There’s a danger to compromise.  The path to freedom as practiced by the Founding Fathers® isn’t a path of tolerance to deviation.  The path to freedom is rigorous.  It requires honest and probing self-analysis.  Once the self-analysis is done, the solution immediately presents itself.  For a real solution, the truth is required – lies are comforting, but never lead to solutions.

Taking an inventory of where your reality is versus where your standards are is important.  We all fall short of our standards from time to time, but if you do it long enough, falling short becomes your new standard.  The only solution, and I mean only solution is to avoid moderation.  If you’ve failed, the “moderate” behavior that got you there isn’t the “moderate” behavior that will get you out of the situation.

Who is right? Who will be the victor and who will be the vanquished blogger that must creep back into the subterranean basement from which he came?

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Don’t let the old man in.

I am a great admirer of Clint Eastwood, both for his professional work and as a man in this tormented age. He is 88 and of the same generation as my father, although a few years older. In other words, he’s not a Boomer. I do know that I have readers who are Boomers. Not all Boomers are infected, but the majority are. I cannot connect with Boomers in general because they do not understand what we in Gen X grew up without that they took for granted.

But never mind; this is not a Boomer rant post. This is a Clint Eastwood post. Musician Toby Keith spent some time with him before the release of his latest film which led Keith to write a song about it.

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