I’ve been enjoying myself at the Spa Grand Prix with a good mate for the last three days, hence the lack of posting. It was our first time at the circuit and it was brilliant, although that had a lot to do with where we were sitting which was plum seats at turn 3. This is the most famous corner at the track and at the end of this video of Mark Webber’s stunning pass on Alonso a few years ago you can see the stand where we had our seats.

We witnessed the lead up to the awful crash that killed F2 driver Anthoine Hubert on Saturday causing that race to be cancelled. We both noticed Guiliano Alesi losing it on his way up the hill, which is harder to spot than you think as the cars are traveling so fast and you have to be lucky enough to be looking at that one car at that moment to spot it.

This video has an excellent break down of the crash and the first part of the video is taken from the cameraman who we were sitting about 20 meters to the right of.

It’s estimated that Correa t-boned Hubert’s car at around 250km/h.

On the main race start on Sunday, local Dutch favorite Max Verstappen did his usual bone-headed Dutch move of not ceding an inch even when he has no room left at all, collected Kimi’s car, and then completely lost his steering causing him to crash into the barriers right below where we were sitting.

Laugh? We nearly shat ourselves as the “sea of orange” around the track collapsed in mourning with most Dutch fans not even able to see their hero for a single lap. Hilarious.

What wasn’t hilarious was the two hours that it took us to drive just over one kilometer to get out of the field in which we were parked. Next year we will stump up the cash for the helicopter transfer service which we didn’t know existed.

We stayed in the Dutch city of Maastricht during the weekend and it really is a delightful little city with undoubtedly the best looking women in Holland, if not the whole of western Europe.

Normal posting will hopefully resume tomorrow but I have to say that I am absolutely dog tired. It’s been an excellent boy’s weekend but I’m not 29 anymore. Might go off the booze for the rest of the year.


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