I have an angry spider in my study. He is one of those hunting spiders, the ones that forego webs for the pleasures of springing onto their unfortunate prey from a permanent crouched position. It is so permanent that I made the mistake of thinking that he had died while stuck to the wall. Not so, as I discovered. I gave him a poke with a tiny Persol brochure that I had at hand and he came at me like an Antifa protestor on the last weekend before being declared a terrorist organisation.

He’s now back on his spot; perched half way up a corner of the wall. I have christened him angry spider and I am determined to poke him at least once a day. I hope that we can become buddies. There is no better buddy on this good earth than an angry spider. Maybe he will bite me and I will become spiderman and then I will wreak my vengeance on the people behind Working Title Films.

Angry spider watches me while I type at my computer. I have been extremely busy this week and unable to post very much. Two weeks in a row without the hawt chicks & links is a terrible thing and I had a massive case of the feel bads for all of 20 or 30 seconds, I’m not sure exactly, but most certainly something around that period of time.

The things is, to do the hawt chicks & links properly, one has to have some links, as well as hawt chicks. And the only way to get good links is to spend time during the week on the internets. The problem for me since getting back to work from holiday is that I have not had very much time at all to do this. I am getting more and more responsibilities at work and this is causing a spike in what is known as “having to actually work” time. I will have it up next week though. I have a few links from this morning, some of which are even interesting and stuff.

Angry spider is still watching me. I wonder what he thinks of me, what he thinks I am. Does he think that this is his room, instead of mine? Does he think that I am the intruder instead of him? I’d like to see his rent bill, little bastard. Actually he is of rather a decent spider size, particularly for Holland. Maybe he is imported; this would fit with the few other dangers of this fair land.

I have managed to fix the total comment numbers at the beginning of each post which should make some of you happy. I haven’t been able to change the comment font but I was able to enlarge it slightly so hopefully that helps you poor blind people. I have a fair number of articles all planned and worked out in my head for next week, but today I am feeling very drained and uninspired. So I plan to do some shopping and then hang out with angry spider for today. Maybe I will throw a wafer at him. That will sure make him even angrier. I mean, I’d be angry if some twit threw a wafer at me.

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