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Mothers, teach your daughters.

A year ago I wrote an article called, Fathers teach your sons. It is about the importance of fathers actually teaching their sons basic life skills, something which the Boomers in general didn’t take very seriously. But there are other kids who need to be taught as well, namely the girls. Should fathers be teaching the girls as well?

I don’t think so. Fathers should discipline their daughters but the teaching and the guidance is up to their mother. On my article a few days ago discussing Cappy’s optimism that young women are finally listening to crazy people yelling at them on the internet, a lady named Butterchurn girl left the following comment. Now, I don’t normally post comments by the ladies, (unless of course I wish to partake in the mockings), but this one needs further circulation in my opinion.

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Someone please tell Australia that multiculturalism is over.

Last weekend German chancellor Angela Merkel made some comments that would have been unbelievable just a year ago.

While speaking at a meeting of young members of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) last Saturday, Markel said that allowing hundreds of thousands of people from different cultural backgrounds to live alongside Germans without properly integrating into the society was a mistake, Reuters reports.

“This (multicultural) approach has failed, utterly failed,” Merkel said at a meeting in Potsdam.

In the early 1990s when multiculturalism leapt from the infected petri dish of university make believe world to the halls of polite bureaucracy, nobody really considered for a moment whether or not this new scheme was in any way shape or form realistic. It took only a few short years for the bureaucrats to convince their political masters that this here multicultural stuff was the hot ticket to political glory and longevity, and goddammit, they weren’t wrong.

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Single mothers have no shame.

Cappy has an article up that expresses hope for the future. I know, I know; what on earth can have gotten into the man? A little health scare and now he’s positively beaming with good will to all men. See, this is what happens when you have a national health service. Cappy sees that single motherhood is on the decline. His takeaway is that young women have been listening to cads like Cappy and I and have begun mending their sinful ways. No, really.

Did shaming single mothers work?

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Sunday lifting thread – Quitting.

I haven’t done a lifting thread for a while so let’s bang one out for Sunday. For those new to the site, I am referring to power lifting whenever I discuss this topic. The big 5 – clean, deadlift, squat, standing press and bench press.

Back in June I was at a very good point; the strongest that I have ever been. At a body weight of just over 70kg I was squatting 112.5kg as an example. At 48 years of age that ain’t too shabby. It took a fair bit of work to get to that point and bugger all time to lose it.

Your body doesn’t care what you’ve done or where you’ve been at. It only cares about the here and now.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The SJW rock edition.

The hawt chicks & links is a little late this week because yesterday I was very busy and in the evening I was tired. I sat down with good intentions but the energy level was not there to do this justice. And then this morning, this Saturday morning, I woke up at 5am. Geez Louise. But I have a cup of hot coffee from my wonderful Italian moka pot which I am enjoying from my Le Creuset coffee mug. And I am feeling okay even with the outrageously early hour. So let’s set to this thing and see what I manage to come up with. For sometimes I even manage to surprise myself.

On with it.

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The time for being a good loser is over.

On yesterday’s post about our current Satanic pope, reader Steve left the following comment:

As a fellow Catholic man, I sympathize with you Adam. While on one hand, I do agree with you in regards to your opinion on the current state of affairs with the Church, but on the other hand we must walk a very fine line when it comes to these matters.

We must maintain a strong faith and be sure we are correcting the Holy Father with good will, I know it may seem as if I am chickening out on criticism, but there is a difference between criticism and fraternal correction. Were the actions that the Holy Father took good? No. Does that mean we stoop low and attack him? Also no.

That being said, I wish nothing for the best for these brave men and that their actions serve as examples for Catholics everywhere. For was it not St. Boniface who cut down the donar’s oak ( a pagan idol) and used the wood to build a Church.

Allow me to respectfully disagree. Here is what I would do to clean out the Church if I were in charge.

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Time to act in defiance of this miserable pope.

As a Catholic it has been somewhat disturbing witnessing the latest pope act like a kid in a toy shop with an elephant who sits on everything and wants to eat people. Does that not make any sense? Neither does this latest pope. No capital letter for him; just lowercase all the way. Some might call him the anti-Christ; who am I to disagree. The latest low point was the worship of pagan idols, specifically South American fertility idols, at the Vatican. In a big ceremony. Which kind of breaks one of those pesky ten commandments, the number one commandment no less. Let alone the fact that these sort of idols were actively used in the past for human sacrifice. Christianity was supposed to move us on from that.

But there are still some courageous Christians out there.

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Do ugly men get laid?

On my post the other day on the need to vet women in your life, reader Dave left the following comment:

Hi Adam, whilst I agree with you when considering guys who have looks but no wealth or status, I would still argue that guys who are plain ugly will gain no net benefit, money at best will get you temporary female attention and not because she is biologically attracted to you.

I’ve seen what you look like (you mogg me so easily), so I know you didn’t have any physical looks issues holding you back – it was everything else you’ve documented in your posts over the last few years. Think of it this way, when you don’t suffer from a particular problem it is possible to under-estimate how that problem may actually hold another back.

I have achieved wealth and a good education, but I have found being quiet ugly is a difficult hurdle to overcome if at all…… and women (as I have personally experienced over the years) do not want access to such a gene set.

I would gladly trade my wealth for good looks…. wealth in comparison is far easier and more realistic to acquire.

The verb to mogg was new to me and I said as such. Sovietman helpfully came in with an explanation:

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Podcast #123 – The validation episode.

Yes, women seek validation in relationships, but weak men do as well. Why it is important as a man not to fall into this trap.

Also, vetting women and the Dutch farmer protests.

You need to vet your women.

Rollo has a great article up about how the majority of guys have little to no standards for choosing a woman. She likes you? Barring hideous deformities, then she’s in.

(photo courtesy of one of Rollo’s other posts on the subject.)

Whether it is an unsuitable woman that he is with now or an ex that left him for whom he harbors a burning hatred, men will attribute their poor relationship circumstances to outside agencies rather than their poor mate selection criteria.

Men will always seek validation in the choices they invested their lives in – particularly in the face of realities that contradict them.

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