On the face of it this report of a woman being arrested and charged as a sex offender for what she chose to wear or not to wear in the privacy of her home, seems like a clear case of government overreach and the abuse of the judiciary system.

Tilli Buchanan and her husband had been installing insulation in their garage, and had stripped off their clothes just inside their home to get the itchy materials off their skin. She was topless when her stepchildren bounded down the stairs.

The children were a little embarrassed at the sight — but Buchanan told them they shouldn’t treat her differently because she was a woman. They aren’t uncomfortable seeing their dad’s chest, she told them, so it shouldn’t be different for her.

“This isn’t a sexual thing,” she recalled telling the children. “I should be able to wear exactly what my husband wears. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about this.”

But apparently state officials don’t have the same view. After getting wind of what Buchanan had thought was an innocent encounter, they filed criminal charges against the 27-year-old West Valley City woman.

She’s now facing three counts of lewdness involving a child — a class A misdemeanor. If convicted, Buchanan could land in jail and stay on the sex offender registry for the next 10 years.

This is the moment for face-rolling libertarians to go all libertard. “It’s in the privacy of her own home, man! Like, the government has no business being in there!”

Well, allow me to impolitely disagree, morons.

I grew up in the 70s and I do not ever remember seeing my parents, my biological parents that is, naked. They didn’t do many things right but I am totally grateful for that one. Before the progressive exuberance for expressing yourself took complete hold, society operated along the lines of long forgotten words such as decorum and decency. This extended into the family home because the family home is a microcosm for society itself. Behaviors taught and learnt in the family home are exhibited by the family members when they venture out into their neighborhood.

The family has been unceremoniously trashed over the last 50 years. Every aspect of the sanctity of the family and the family home has been stripped away until children, if they manage to survive the 9 month gestation period in the womb, are more or less the property of the state, loaned to their parents for a time at the state’s convenience.

Which is why I celebrate the news that a woman, a woman no less, has been held to account for her behavior in her own home. This gives me some small measure of hope. For the simple fact is that you do not behave in this manner in front of your own children, let alone your step children, if you want them to behave in a polite and acceptable manner with other people. What you teach children at home is not just important; it’s crucial.

But Buchanan said she’s noticed a change in herself when she’s around the kids at home. She wonders if her shorts are too short, or if she should be wearing a tank top. She worries about lounging around the house without a bra on.

The purpose of the justice system is to punish, to deter and to a lesser extent, to provide teachable moments for society. The woman in question as a result of this teachable moment is slowly beginning to smarten up her act. Perhaps this will extend to what she wears in public, and judging by the photos, one can only hope.

Are you sick of people walking around your neighborhood looking like they’ve just got out of bed? Well, the first step you can take to smarten up their act is to smarten up your own. So pants for the fellas and long flowing dresses for the gals. Pretty soon everybody will be doing it.

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