Neo-conservative homosexual Douglas Murray is somewhat upset that the leading homo magazines have struck him off the poofter list and declared him to be non-gay for daring to not go along with the latest look at me agenda of celebrity pillow biters.

I had never heard of Douglas Murray before this but I have scant respect for him, both because he is a fag and because he is a conservative. In other words, he has conserved nothing whilst enjoying the fruits of being fashionably homosexual, that is until it didn’t last anymore due to the fact that it got a wee bit too totalitarian.

All fags are totalitarian. The only difference lies in the degree.

Homosexuality has historically been seen as unacceptable due to the fact that it has no boundaries. This is why it is a natural fit with the left. The Soviets used the homos from the very beginning of the October revolution. It was only when the degeneration used to break up the family became too much even for them to put up with that the pendulum swung the other way. Once it did, you didn’t want to be a homo in Soviet Russia. They had served their useful purpose and like all useful idiots everywhere they went to their doom not understanding a goddamn thing.

Douglas Murray is a useful idiot who has stepped over the line of acceptable woke behavior. He is only allowed to smugly mock it due to the fact that the great revolution has not yet officially started, comrades. The deeply ironic thing about the propaganda and push for homo acceptance is that the type of men who were historically attracted to choose a homo lifestyle did so because it was not mainstream. Equating this paradox must be somewhat confusing for your traditional fag to deal with, but then again, their other common trait was a deep and abiding love of all things drama.

So some celebrity fag wants to be referred to as gender binary or whatever the hell it is this week, and some other fag doesn’t want to get with the program. What they all have in common is a deep need for attention. This is because they are not adults but merely aged teenagers with perverted sex addictions. If I see one more man with the Two and a Half Men crossed leg pose while displaying ample visage of purple tweed socks I think that I might rediscover childhood hobbies such as torturing kittens.

People, there is nothing to see here but there is everything to see. Our society is so rich and decadent that these are the talking points and arguments of the day. What wasted space this is. While our nations are in the process of being invaded by third world vibrants and hollowed out from within; sold down the river by career politicians whose only wish is to score more personal points of woke, the homos fall over themselves to remain on center stage for as long as possible. Just how far can sodomy be pushed anyhow? Why is this so important or interesting? We made fun of fags because they are beneath us but then we took them seriously and look at where we are now. I mean, is there anything in today’s world more ugly and totalitarian than a rainbow colored flag?

I don’t accept fags the same way that I don’t accept thieves or murderers. One way or another they all destroy lives. The totalitarian church of all things gay is a very poor substitute for charging up a beach through machine gun fire. But that’s progress, apparently. Well excuse me for not getting with the system. Gays used to know all about that, but not any more.


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