A good man is hard to find. That’s how the saying goes. The term, ‘a good man’, denotes a man who is both desirable and obedient. That is what women say they want. The two traits, however, are mutually exclusive. Desirable indicates a man who is good at being a man, not a good man. For the manosphere this is nothing new, but it bares being repeated. Because we forget, we were not introduced to it, or we read the Wall Street Journal.

A good man is getting even harder to find.

The gender imbalance in educational attainment is getting larger every year. That may spell good news, ultimately, for income and employment equality—but it presages increasingly problematic social conditions for generations of men and women.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, more than 57% of the class of 2018 who graduated with bachelor’s degrees were female. The gap for master’s degrees was even wider: 59% to 41%.

All this proves is that women are bigger suckers than men. Even more so if you compare what degrees the two sexes major in. Women do more master’s degrees because they’re psychologically better off staying in college and racking up even more debt rather than confronting the real world fact that their degree is worthless and they are chronically unsuited to the world of work.

But hypergamey tells us that women want to trade up, and thus they cannot condone having a partner of a lower socio-economic status than them.

Most studies of human heterosexual attraction suggest both that intellectual capacity and achievement is an important attractor and that people tend to gravitate toward a partner with roughly the same level of attainment.

This is true for women. However, it is not true for men. Men want youth, beauty, virginity and no tattoos. That’s it. A little bit of stupid goes a long way too. That way you can have slightly stupid kids so you won’t care if she takes off with them.

But every year, the pool of eligible male graduates is getting smaller relative to the number of women. Now of course college isn’t everything, and many women will find a perfect mate who hasn’t been through the four-year playground of parties, sleeping and the occasional lecture. But the reality is that more of them are going to have to if they want a meaningful relationship.

He missed a part of the phrasal verb; it’s sleeping around. It looks like I forgot one critical criteria for prospective female partners; they should have never gone to college. Not only does this mean that she hasn’t been soiled but it also means that she is most probably debt free. That’s important. All those master’s degrees aren’t going to pay for themselves.

The article finishes with the mind blowing news that women on dating apps are choosy and just want the guys with the big muscles, a single syllable name and the large dick pics. I mean, whowoulddathoughit?

So the gals are now struggling to find the right guy and we are all supposed to be concerned. I wonder where this will lead? What fate awaits the women who rack up lots of debt, choose not to have a family, implode their family even if they have one because feelings, and ultimately do not plan even a little bit for the future?

More older women sleeping in cars.

Ms York said older women struggling to pay the rent in their late 50s, 60s and 70s often did not consider themselves at risk of homelessness, even when the rent took up significant amounts of their income, and their security of tenure was limited.

“If you are a single older woman and you are on a fixed income like Newstart or the pension and you are living in a private rental, the reality is that you are at risk of homelessness and that’s a very confronting thing for the whole of society to think about,” she said.

Women discover the consequences of their actions. It can take a while but eventually it catches up to you. But those memories of college dorms and late night parties should keep you warm. Hold onto it, sweethearts.


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