The Other McCain evaluates an article about a man discovering via a DNA test that his daughter was not in fact his. I was reading along while sipping my morning coffee when a passage struck me sideways. I’ll have to talk to Mr McCain about that spilled coffee; after all, it’s obviously his fault.

This is from the article that McCain was quoting:

The worst was to see the reaction of my daughter. She just cried and cried. It was like a nuclear bomb going off. . . .
On the day that I found out, I was like, I wanted to reject her, because I said my boundary was I will not raise another man’s child from an affair. My mom put me straight. She was like, “She’s innocent in this. Don’t blame her.” So I consider her my daughter. I just say she’s my daughter.

My instinctive reaction to this was along the lines of rolling my eyes and muttering under my breath. But then I got to McCain’s reaction and oh, boy.

Your mom is wrong, sir. She took your wife’s side against you, and your willingness to go along with this charade — pretending that this child is your daughter, because that’s what your mother told you to do — is a microcosm of what’s wrong with your entire life.

Hey, chump: Wake up. It’s not your daughter’s fault that her mother is a worthless cheating whore, but it’s not your fault, either.

Except, then again, maybe it is your fault. You say you “knew” she was having affairs before your daughter was born, and yet . . . you stayed?

Parents, show this to your sons and tell them to take notes:


Way to hit it out of the stadium.

Three generations of women were lined up against the man – his mother, his cheating wife, and the girl who he had thought was his daughter. She naturally turned on the tears because I suppose that’s what you do when you discover that your mother is a cheating whore and your daddy is not your daddy.

The man’s mother is the key figure here. She sided against her son. She took the side of the mother of the girl who was actually not her granddaughter. Now, I am sure that the vast majority of you are aware of what grandparents are like around their grandchildren and how they tend to lose their brains. Mind you, the grannies are the Boomers now so maybe that’s not a thing anymore.

Anyway, my point is that no-granny here took the side of team women even though every logical point ruled against her taking that position. But women are not logical. Even worse, they are out of control and slaves to their feelings. We have let them have unfettered access to their feelings and given those same feelings a measure of artificial importance.

Feelings lead to chaos which inevitably leads to destruction.

Women will always always go team woman if they have a say in the matter and if there are no social consequences for them to do so. In the same situation 60 years ago the wife and her daughter would have been thrown out of the house by the man’s mother. The societal shame would have been far too much to even consider going into bat for team woman. But we live in an age which progressives call “enlightened”. As in every single term they use, the meaning is the opposite of what they claim. Our forefathers created and lived in an enlightened age. We simply stand in the detritus of a once great civilization wondering what the funny scratches on the clay tablets mean.

Where was the grandfather in all of this? Where was his counsel? It was nowhere to be seen because his word is no longer worthy of consideration. All that counts is team woman, whatever the cost.

Well, the cost is turning out to be far too high. Enjoy your moment in the sloth, ladies. Soon the hard times will return and then you will all suddenly discover the means to lose weight and be feminine and pleasant. Because if you don’t, you’ll simply starve or freeze to death. And that mythical team woman won’t save you. She’ll be the very first to slam shut the door.

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