On my post the other day on the need to vet women in your life, reader Dave left the following comment:

Hi Adam, whilst I agree with you when considering guys who have looks but no wealth or status, I would still argue that guys who are plain ugly will gain no net benefit, money at best will get you temporary female attention and not because she is biologically attracted to you.

I’ve seen what you look like (you mogg me so easily), so I know you didn’t have any physical looks issues holding you back – it was everything else you’ve documented in your posts over the last few years. Think of it this way, when you don’t suffer from a particular problem it is possible to under-estimate how that problem may actually hold another back.

I have achieved wealth and a good education, but I have found being quiet ugly is a difficult hurdle to overcome if at all…… and women (as I have personally experienced over the years) do not want access to such a gene set.

I would gladly trade my wealth for good looks…. wealth in comparison is far easier and more realistic to acquire.

The verb to mogg was new to me and I said as such. Sovietman helpfully came in with an explanation:

Mog = male other guy. It’s a term used on the incel forums where this gentleman has been spending too much time.
Dave, the vast majority of men on such sites mainly suffer from autism or some form of social anxiety, which is why they sperg out on obsessing over their looks in minute detail.
I know dog ugly men who have no trouble finding a gf. Fitness is more important, and confidence and being cool is vastly more important still.
Spend less time on sites like that and more on ones like this, and take Adam’s advice.
I mean all of this in kindness. I can see you’re in a tough place. Good luck to you.

I don’t want to speak for Dave as I do not know his personal circumstances. But what I can do is relate a little anecdote about a guy that I will call Bob.

I knew Bob about 25 years ago. He was about 5 feet five inches short. He was also not very attractive at all. A very hot woman one night made the observation that he was at best a 3 out of 10, which became his nickname. Later that same night he seduced and slept with the same woman.

Bob also had a very short dick. Not a micro-penis, but apparently pretty close. He was famous for once taking off his clothes in front of a woman who laughed at the size of his weapon.

“Who are you gonna please with that?” she demanded.

Bob shrugged. “Me.”

Bob had a neat party trick that we used to play with guys who did not know of his reputation. If the guy was a wanna-be player and even more so if he was very good looking, we could have a lot of fun with it. The game went along the lines of us informing the guy that Bob was God’s gift to women. We would then listen to him laugh in Bob’s face and declare that this was the most stupid thing that he had ever heard; that Bob could not get laid in a brothel, etc etc.

Bob would smile and then issue his instructions. Pick a woman for him to seduce and Bob had only 10 minutes to walk out the door with her. The other rule was that they had to have made out before they left. The mark would identify the hottest woman in the room without hesitation. And without any hesitation on his own part, Bob would walk straight over to her and begin talking.

We never lost the bet. Not once. Bob was on another level from everyone else. But he also suffered from depression and he took his own life a few years ago. Dark energies flowed around that little guy.

So you’ve come up short in the looks department. So what? We all have our crosses to bear and our own personal obstacles to overcome. Using terms like ‘mogg’ simply serves to further underline what you’re worried about yourself. You end up dwelling on it and the barrier becomes too big to overcome because of your own actions. You end up building your own wall.

Plenty of ugly men have gotten laid and plenty more will do so. But if you want to look for an excuse then I suppose that it’s an easy option.

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