On yesterday’s post about our current Satanic pope, reader Steve left the following comment:

As a fellow Catholic man, I sympathize with you Adam. While on one hand, I do agree with you in regards to your opinion on the current state of affairs with the Church, but on the other hand we must walk a very fine line when it comes to these matters.

We must maintain a strong faith and be sure we are correcting the Holy Father with good will, I know it may seem as if I am chickening out on criticism, but there is a difference between criticism and fraternal correction. Were the actions that the Holy Father took good? No. Does that mean we stoop low and attack him? Also no.

That being said, I wish nothing for the best for these brave men and that their actions serve as examples for Catholics everywhere. For was it not St. Boniface who cut down the donar’s oak ( a pagan idol) and used the wood to build a Church.

Allow me to respectfully disagree. Here is what I would do to clean out the Church if I were in charge.

After a subtle period of quiet investigation, all members of the Vatican council who supported the current pope would be arrested, along with the man that they elected. There would be a public trial and then they would be executed for heresy and thrown into the Tiber. Along with the now defrocked pope.

At the same time there would be a complete purging of homosexuals within the priesthood. These men would be defrocked, publicly humiliated and then castrated after being thrown out of the Church. A new Vatican council would be held where, amongst other important issues, homosexual priests would be banned from the Church. In addition to this the mass would return to the Latin liturgy.

Working quietly with the Italian government, an immediate assault on the Moslem religion within Italy would begin. The first step would be to declare the religion illegal. After that it would be over to Salvini who would conveniently be the leader of the country for this little epic event. Tom Kratman has the idea of it in some comments that he posted over at Didact’s site:

1. Seal your borders and your seas. I don’t mean turn away boats carrying refugees, for them to try some other course later on; I mean sink them, destroy the lifeboats, machine gun the survivors, and dynamite the floating bodies. I mean shoot people trying to storm access control points and border fences. No, don’t worry about massive genocide; once you demonstrate that kind of resolve they’ll stop coming. Note, too, that when you seal your borders, the rest of Europe will have to as well, since they won’t be able to deal with the numbers. Ignore a self-righteous and smug Germany or England if they’re hiding behind your walls.
2. Make a list of ten thousand, for a nice round number, prominent and radical imams and other Moslems. Round them up. Publish the first two thousand names. Shoot or hang or guillotine the top sixteen hundred, or whatever number is needed to make it ten for every one killed yesterday. Make it clear that it will become one hundred for one with the next attack or set of attacks, even as you round up another ten thousand. Should the UN try to censure you for violation of the Hostages Convention, a) remind them you never ratified it, b) announce your withdrawal of your accession, c) tell them to kiss your Gallic posterior, and d) veto it for good measure.
3. Still identify the most guilty banlieu or two and make examples of them. Without going full Einsatzgruppe on them, deport everyone in them. Rejoice at any resistance since it will give you an excuse for something much more frightful.

That is what is known as a good start.

The current pontiff is a coward. He pushes against the walls in abject terror at the push back which he so greatly fears. But nothing happens and so each time he is emboldened just a little bit more to take another step. Surely this time they won’t let me get away with it, he wonders. But nobody stands up to him. Everyone remains polite. What a polite society in which we live. Nobody would dare to criticise the pope. Why, that would be improper. Much better to let him continue on his Satanic path.

I aim not to stoop low to the level of my enemies. No, my aim is to stoop much much lower. Because the time for being a good loser is over.

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