The hawt chicks & links is a little late this week because yesterday I was very busy and in the evening I was tired. I sat down with good intentions but the energy level was not there to do this justice. And then this morning, this Saturday morning, I woke up at 5am. Geez Louise. But I have a cup of hot coffee from my wonderful Italian moka pot which I am enjoying from my Le Creuset coffee mug. And I am feeling okay even with the outrageously early hour. So let’s set to this thing and see what I manage to come up with. For sometimes I even manage to surprise myself.

On with it.

The big story for me this week was the ongoing court case in the USA regarding the mother who wants to turn her 7 year old son into a girl because he likes the movie Frozen, (Disney is evil), and the father who objects to this sort of life long torture.

This child-custody case from Hell went to trial and a jury sided with the mother, so the 7-year-old boy is now being ordered by a court to be brainwashed and castrated to satisfy his mother’s transgender mania. Who is this monstrous mom?

Dr. Anne Georgulas is a 56-year-old pediatrician who, in 2010, married Jeff Younger. Georgulas had previously adopted two girls as a single parent, but had never had children of her own. So in 2012, at age 49, she gave birth to twin sons. Think about that for just a minute. How many 49-year-olds become first-time mothers? It’s a very bad idea. By the time the kids are old enough to drive, she’ll be eligible for Social Security.

It turns out that these twin boys are not even biologically related to their “mother,” but rather were conceived by an IVF process using donor eggs and (we presume) her husband’s sperm. So these children are Frankenbabies, the product of experimental medical methods.

The woman is not the mother of the children, not biologically nor naturally. As such she obviously does not have the normal motherly instincts that stop mothers from planning to scientifically turn their sons into girls. On top of that she had the children at the age of 49. This is not natural either. On top of that she is a college educated professional woman which is also not natural.

All of this unnaturalness must add up. In this light, her wish to turn her son into a girl named Luna must be seen as perfectly natural.

11 out of the 12 jurors sided with the mother. This did not occur in crazy cuckoo land California but rather in Texas. Imagine being the 12th juror, the lone individual who sided with the father. What those conversations behind closed jury doors must have been like is impossible to fathom. It must have been the epitome of collective madness.

The jury got the decision so wrong that the judge had to step in and overrule them.

On Thursday (10/24/2019) it appears sanity prevailed. The judge in the case overturned the jury verdict and awarded the husband joint custody – in this case the mother cannot make sole medical decisions about James. The boy’s father hailed it as a victory, but the judge also issued a gag order – neither party can talk any more in the media about this case. This may be the last we hear about James until he’s 18.

Good news then? Well yes and no. What does the gag order actually mean?

The remaining part of this story that bothers me is the gag order. Sure, it’s in the best interest of the kid. I’ll agree to that. But if dad loses custody? If Dad, who gets to see his son 56 hours a month loses the next court battle and his mother transitions him to “Momma’s little girl”? We won’t hear about it because dad can’t talk about it. And that . . . could be a travesty.

We’re long past travesty stage.

But a different kind of line was drawn in Texas this week, a line that is so profound that it should shake every reader to the core.  What bothers me, and what should bother you the most about this case is that it wasn’t the dictate of a crazed bureaucrat or judge.  No – in this case the judge was the sane one.  11 out of 12 jurors in the Lone Star state voted that a seven year old boy should be allowed to become a girl, is a sign not that society is collapsing, it’s a sign that society has collapsed.

But that’s not all. Here is the PDF of the case. You’ve got to really delve into it but this is in one of the fact findings:

The record reflects Georgulas testified that, before they were married, Younger did not tell her he was in the army. According to Georgulas, she found out after they separated that Younger had been in the army and was discharged due to an “[a]dmission of homosexuality.” The record shows Younger testified he did not “mention much about the Army” during the marriage,but acknowledged he was discharged from the army due to admission of homosexuality. We conclude that there is legally and factually sufficient evidence to support this finding.

Seems that the husband lied to his wife as to his background which was used as evidence in the trial. So the mother wants to turn the boy into a girl and the father is a closet homosexual.

So which one do you give the kid to? That gag order is looking worse and worse.

This entire case is prime evidence as to why babies should only be conceived naturally.


The other big news this week was the democratic congresswoman, (what a bastardization of a term that is), who likes to take drugs, get Nazi tattoos and sleep with her staffers who also happen to be female while her husband is allowed to watch. Oh, and she posts photos of it on the internet.

The drip, drip, drip of revelations in Rep. Katie Hill’s scandal continues, and I’m not going to show you all the photos of the bisexual California Democrat who was in a three-way “throuple” relationship with her ex-husband and a young female campaign aide. But if you don’t want to click through to the Daily Mail story, I’ll summarize by saying she’s got an Iron Cross tattoo in her groin area, and photos showing her naked butt were posted to a “wife-sharing” site. There are also more screen-caps of text messages, including one in which the campaign aide, Morgan Desjardins, declares she is still “in love” with the congresswoman.

You don’t want to click through, trust me on that. The female politician is crying foul with the classic and very tired “I’m a victim!” line. She is in the midst of divorcing her “abusive” husband. You get the drift.

And if this congressfemale was a man? Even if he was a democrat he probably would have been run out of town on a railroad spike. But I’m a woman so I’m a slave to my own feelings, insert overused cliche here.

You want to track the madness of the collapse of our civilization? Letting women rule the roost. And by the way, our civilization isn’t going to collapse; it has collapsed. We just don’t know it yet. Most people won’t know it until the moment when the indoor plumbing doesn’t work any more.


The plumbing is still working but new bridges are having problems. Like the one that collapsed in Florida a while back. The inquest has finished and it makes for insipid reading.

The school awarded the job to MCM, perhaps on the basis of a glossy brochure on how committed they were to diversity and inclusion, and MCM handed the bridge design work off to FIGG and didn’t bother to supervise them or make sure their calculations were sound. Nor did they think anything was wrong when FIGG started tensioning the bridge trusses over live traffic, which would have had me blowing whistles and waving red flags without knowing the first thing about bridges. Result: collapsed bridge and dead people.

Tim is being polite here as the company in question made a really big deal about using female engineers whenever they could.


Here is a photo that I saw today on social media from some Australian tourist board. It depicts a section of the Western Australian coast up near Ningaloo Reef. If you look closely you can make out two people sunning themselves on the little cove.

Looks nice, doesn’t it? There are hundreds of comments from people in places like Finland declaring how wonderful it is and how they would so much love to be in Australian.

Well, I grew up in Western Australia. It is my home state and I have worked and traveled in many parts of it. Here is what I see when I look at this photo:

I see death. That area is infested with death adders and brown snakes. The coral is teeming with blue ringed octopus not to mention the sharks. There is not an inch of shade visible. They better have some water with them. What do they do if they walk back to their vehicle and it doesn’t start? No cell coverage out there. Do you walk or do you stay? No passing vehicles, it’s probably miles back to the main road. If it’s over 20 km then you will die walking before you get there. Minimum of two vehicles needed to go to these sorts of locations.

And I haven’t even begun to mention the flies. That spot looks absolutely awful to me, and I know what I’m looking at as opposed to all of the pasty white foreigners gushing at how beautiful it is.


Speaking of Australia, the racist ban on climbing Ayers Rock goes into force today.

I don’t have the expertise to comment usefully on how “sacred” the rock is to the local Aborigines and certainly have no wish to gratuitously mock their beliefs. But here’s a prediction: the climbers will be back and they’ll be welcomed. The ban is a Karl Stefanovic goodbye: a highly publicised rupture that creates both huge interest in what’s been relinquished and a compelling economic imperative for restoration. Safety and behavioural protocols will have to be stricter to protect lives, limbs and sensibilities. Aboriginal overseers will need training and a fee per trek imposed. After that, off you go. This was as much about control as it was about sacrality. If planned all along, my compliments to the initiators on their commercial acumen. Good luck.

Struth in the comments disagrees with this prediction:

It will not open again as it was closed by Parks Australia who, as publc servants, will not lose a cent.
The corruption and rot is so deep around the rock and Yulara and indeed the NT and Australia it will not open again.
On the contrary activists will now close other sites as they have already done in many areas…..especially the Kimberleys.

He is correct. This decision was not made by the local aborigines as the drop in tourism will crush any work they once had. If you can’t climb the rock then just about nobody will make the trek out there. Struth continues in response to the claim that Parks Australia just do the bidding of local aboriginals:

If they did the bidding of the local aborigines they’d permanently running to the grog shop and for smokes.
They tell those people what to want.
Local abos?
Most of the so called elders are from Sydney unis.

A comment on Zanetti’s Facebook page regarding his cartoon:

We don’t have to climb everything have a picnic on the bottom of Uluru have a good look take some photos and learn significants of Uluru not just climb on everything

Have a picnic. This moron thinks that people are going to fly to Alice Springs, hire a car, and then drive several hundred kilometers in one direction through the middle of the fucking desert to have a picnic.



It’s like the royal version of John & Yoko.


Trump has other reasons to pull the troops out of overseas isolated shitholes. The southern US border is looking worse and worse every day.

Last Thursday in the city of Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa state, a battle erupted between government forces and drug cartel gunmen after the Mexican military captured two sons of jailed drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. The elder son, Ivan, was quickly freed by his men, who overpowered government forces and secured his release. Ivan then launched an all-out siege of the entire city in an effort to free his younger brother, Ovidio.

So the drug lord goes up against the Mexican military. Open battle, mano to mano. How did it turn out?

The eight-hour battle ended when government forces, outgunned and surrounded, without reinforcements or a way to retreat, received an order directly from Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to release their prisoner and surrender. Lopez Obrador later defended this decision, insisting that his security strategy is working and saying, “Many people were at risk and it was decided to protect people’s lives. I agreed with that, because we don’t do massacres, that’s over.”

They lost. Might want to get that wall built. Might want to get some actual divisions down there as well.

A lot of people are talking about civil war II in the USA. If that does happen it will quickly become a three-way, and not in the perverted porn sense. Mexico, or whatever represents Mexico at the time, will undoubtedly come across the border to “protect its foreign nationals” which is code for, “let’s see if we can grab the south-western part of continental USA.” Canada won’t do the same because they’re all busy reelecting the guy who likes to play dress-ups.


Latest from Roosh’s trip. He is complaining of getting tired. Buck up, old chum. Three months on the road? And staying in nice hotels and driving a nice car? East street, mate. Easy street.


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