Cappy has an article up that expresses hope for the future. I know, I know; what on earth can have gotten into the man? A little health scare and now he’s positively beaming with good will to all men. See, this is what happens when you have a national health service. Cappy sees that single motherhood is on the decline. His takeaway is that young women have been listening to cads like Cappy and I and have begun mending their sinful ways. No, really.

Did shaming single mothers work?

This is a rare victory for people in the red pill/manosphere/alt media.  Where pushing a counter-narrative the truth against the narrative lies put out by the establishment media, actually brings about the result the rest of normal, healthy, sane people want.  It could indeed be that some government program had great success in reducing the amount of single moms being created, but I would argue it was more the fact that enough men had the courage to say they were sick of single motherhood, they were sick of single moms, we’re sick of being asked to raise somebody else’s mistake and threw it right back in their face.  And we did it so well that even YOUNG WOMEN listened and are now knocking it off with the single mom schtick.

Massive flaw in Cappy’s argument in bold for those to dim to notice it for themselves. Because there is a government program that helps single women get rid of pregnancies and that is called abortion, also known as legally sanctioned murder, but that’s just me being picky.

The abortion stats in the USA for 2017 were 862,320 abortions which is actually a decline since 1973 when baby murder was legalised. I know that you’re all thinking that this means that Cappy is right but there is another piece of data to consider – the overall drop in the fertility rate.

Fertility rates declined in almost all states between 2014 and 2017, and it is unlikely that the decline in abortion was due to an increase in unintended births.

There’s another factor to consider as well and that is the decline in sexual activity in young people which has been quite comprehensively covered around the manosphere by various writers. It’s hard for girls to get pregnant if boys aren’t able to score and we all know the realities of that little bugbear.

I think that Cappy is looking at this with a glass half full kind of attitude, which on the one hand is refreshing but it’s also not accurate as it doesn’t come close to taking in the full picture. Young women listening to a bunch of guys on the internet telling them that single motherhood is slut central? I’d like it to be true but I don’t think so. A shame, really. It would have been the first time that chicks actually listened to me.

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