A year ago I wrote an article called, Fathers teach your sons. It is about the importance of fathers actually teaching their sons basic life skills, something which the Boomers in general didn’t take very seriously. But there are other kids who need to be taught as well, namely the girls. Should fathers be teaching the girls as well?

I don’t think so. Fathers should discipline their daughters but the teaching and the guidance is up to their mother. On my article a few days ago discussing Cappy’s optimism that young women are finally listening to crazy people yelling at them on the internet, a lady named Butterchurn girl left the following comment. Now, I don’t normally post comments by the ladies, (unless of course I wish to partake in the mockings), but this one needs further circulation in my opinion.

Single mothers, and nearly all other women for that matter, won’t listen to a bunch of guys on the internet. The womenfolk won’t listen to men period, except selectively to the few alpha men in their circle, and only the bare minimum that they must in order to stay in good graces or out of trouble.

The only thing that will bring bad girls of all varieties to heel is other women. Women used to behave themselves because they feared the wrath of other women, and the social consequences that would result from crossing the Queen Bee. Nowadays, women behave appallingly for the same reason. The only difference is the nature of the Queen Bee. A girl who doesn’t toe the line, whatever the line is, loses access to the social life of her community very quickly indeed.

I see it in my two daughters, who try their best to bat their eyes and charm their way out of consequences when my husband lays down the law, but who cower when I have a quiet word to back up his edicts. It’s not that they don’t take him seriously, but that they recognize the pain of female ostracization.

This is Team Woman which I have also discussed several times before. It is a very real thing and it is critical to the success of our culture. Up until 1968, Team Woman did a very good job of holding the girls in line. But that summer they lost hold and then all bets were off. The Boomer girls rebelled and were aided by new media forms. The rot quickly spread around the world and the Boomer girls were now off on a roller coaster of bad choices.

They were also trapped in the cycle of their own misfortune. For after a generation, they became the Queen Bees. And women unfortunately when left uncontrolled have a great tendency to share around the misery with other women. In short, just because they had gone out of control and made bad choices that were impossible to undo, the very last thing that they wanted was for the next generation of women to make better choices than them. So the girls of Gen X were doomed right from the start.

Four generations later and the results are plain to see in most Western nations. But like the cycle was broken 50 years ago, the cycle now needs to be reestablished to its former position. When girls rebel against the abject sluttery that their mothers encourage and return to a life of quiet respect and femininity, only then will some sort of balance be restored between the sexes. Us men can do many things; a great many things better than women.

But we can’t do this one. For Butterchurn girl is correct; girls do not listen to their fathers in this way. The social shame of ostracism from Team Woman is the only thing that holds girls in line. This is why children in single parent families are doomed. In the past the children of a widow were supported by the larger family and community. That doesn’t exist anymore either as big government has grabbed that role.

Everything had its place and the whole was the sum of its parts. The actions of the past have had awful consequences but it can be restored. This is the biggest task for women. So far three generations have abdicated their duty. Time is running out for the pieces to be put back together again.

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