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Friday hawt chicks & links – The Thanksgiving edition.

The Friday hawt chicks & links wishes our American cousins a happy and gezellig Thanksgiving. Gezellig is one of my favorite Dutch words, although it is a bit of a bugger to pronounce. If you say ‘huh’ for the first two letters then you’re getting close. The word translates to cozy but it has more depth than that. Think about warm and cozy with a fire burning in the hearth, plentiful and good food on the table; family members who are relaxed and not coming home from college with blue hair; in short, as John Wilder says, it’s about serenity.

Thanksgiving is a uniquely North American celebration and as such it has not metamorphosed around the world, unlike Halloween for instance. I have never had the pleasure of celebrating this holiday but perhaps one day I will be so fortunate. It is a holiday which celebrates a nation, which means that the left hates it. Anything that helps a people stay in touch with their ancestors and history is verboten to the progs, because as Solzhenitsyn said, to destroy a people you must first sever their roots.

So keep firmly hold of your roots, good people, and with that let us partake of our Thanksgiving edition of the hawt chicks & links.

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Shaming women will now cost you 120K.

In the ongoing war between men and women, set up and waged by misandrist harpies whose hobbies include vomiting, mouth breathing and socialism, a new low was reached this week in the Australian Federal Court where a white knighting judge has taken it upon himself to stand up for the poor wymens everywhere, thus validating the importance of the UN Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women. Or as I put it yesterday:

What the convention actually means is that no woman anywhere must ever suffer any inconvenience, particularly as a result of her own actions.

To see that in action we turn to former Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm whose off the cuff comments in parliament have landed his target a cool 120 grand.

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The UN Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

There is ongoing debate in the Northern Territory regarding a new bill concerning what is now called sex work but used to be known by the more common name of whoring. The Sex Industry Bill is making the womensz unhappy, but not in the way you might think. Actually, just about anything can set off the great female ire these days so why is anybody surprised? What is notable is when the womensz don’t get upset. This last occurred in 1962 when Gladys Beckett’s husband Albert performed some feat which has since been lost in the mists of time but which was known to have made Gladys very happy indeed.

Albert threw himself into his brand new combine harvester not long after.

Unhappy sex worker clients can sue.

For those struggling with the wayward progressive pidgin English, sex worker clients means men who go to brothels to get their end in. I think.

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Burning down the UWA publishing house.

Today while pursuing The Australian newspaper I noticed a headline concerning the University of Western Australia and a proposal to close down its publishing house, UWAP. This sparked my curiosity, both because I was born and raised in Perth but also because the once great UWA has been completely subverted by the lefty-luvvie prog brigade and UWAP is one of their propaganda cornerstones. Such a decision struck me as being rather odd and out of sync with the extreme leftism at such an institution of lower learning.

So I clicked on the article and within a few seconds the mystery was solved. All became clear by the second short paragraph. See if you can spot the subtle clue.

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Podcast #126 – The Maserati episode.

Should your host buy a Maserati? Of course he shouldn’t! That would be ridiculous.

Photo of car up for discussion after the fold. And I blame Kim for sucking me into this vortex of greed.

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Men of worth are interested.

Women give birth to babies, men give birth to ideas, (if I were to be uncharitable then I might point out that men can give birth to their due without any assistance.) Why is this important? Well, men must understand this truism if they are to succeed. It is said that the genes of only 20% of men are passed on to the next generation. That’s nice and all, but who ever remembers the sons of greatness? It is the ideas that count and the manner in which they are manifested. So you have had a son; so what? What have you done? What have you accomplished? What will you leave behind? Your sons and daughters will most probably rebel against you and become the next Boomer generation. They are incidental. So it has always been.

If a man should have ideas, and if those ideas be worthy of being made manifest, then he had better be interesting. As men it is our duty to have interests. Having interests implies that we are interested. Are you interested in children? Are you one of those men that one sees carrying around his toddler progeny on a Sunday afternoon in some sort of backpack contraption? Please. Spare me. You’re an honorary woman.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The secret source edition.

The world didn’t end this week so it appears that I have to rise from my slumbers once again to prepare the linkiest and hawtest publication of the week, that readers all around the world anticipate with much anticipation. I wrote those words yesterday and then I ran out of things to say, got another coffee, thought about it again, and then gave up and went to work. Look, if it ain’t flowing then it ain’t going, that’s how I roll. You guys deserve the best, not some random words and feelings tossed out onto the screen like a royal wave at a high school. This shit is real, man.

Pretentious, io?

I’ve got some good stuff for you all this week. Some good links, some nice comparisons, the occasional word to make you ponder, and of course, the hawtness that are the hawt chicks from my very own secret source.

On with it.

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Which gay slur did Pattinson use?

Cricket seems genteel on the surface to the casual observer, but in reality it is a hard game fought by harder men. You don’t stand in the Australian summer sun for 8 hours wearing whites on a field devoid of all shade without a little bit of heart. Likewise, a batsman facing a fast bowler coming in to deliver a ball which is more or less constructed of rock that was used by Roman soldiers for their slings, must remember that you do not back away; rather you put your best foot forward. And all the padding and fancy helmets in the world won’t save you if you get the ball in the wrong place.

Hard men playing a hard game in a harsh environment means that there is no room for lightweights. Men are tested not just in their physical bearing but also in their mental abilities. The art of sledging is part and parcel of cricket. Sledging is on field banter designed to get under the skin of opposing players. I myself may have on occasion told batsmen who were annoying me to turn over their bat so as to read the instructions on the other side. One of the better sledges in cricket history took place between Australian Rod Marsh and English player Ian Botham.

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Your backyard is an endangered ecosystem.

Yesterday’s post about a man who went to jail for clearing hazardous scrub on his own land against the threat of bush fires was supposed to be my final one on this topic. But then reader Dan ruined that idea by leaving this comment:

I am suffering this in Oz, won’t mention where, I have had local authorities assess my land for clearing and “discover” it is a state and federally protected endangered ecosystem.

This ecosystem pre white man had 50 trees per hectare (parkland) but mine has about 1000. Its overrun scrub with native and non native invasive species and becoming worse.

I am not so much has allowed to cut down 1 tree without a federal OK. Half my 300 farm is not able to be farmed. When it goes up in fire, and it will, it will wipe itself out.

Rather than have a landholder manage it, they prefer it destroyed. Like everything they touch.

Once again, the process is the punishment. This is an important comment from a man who is suffering the very travails of which I have written.

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Clear your land and go to jail.

Just a quick one this morning, (that’s what she said …)

I wrote two pieces last week on the Aussie bush fires. In both of them I made the point that landowners in Australia are prosecuted by government for attempting to manage their own land. I was pointed to this article dated 2013 which outlines the case of a Western Australian farmer who did clear some scrub on his property for fire breaks and ended up in jail.

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