Over at Dark Brightness, Weka muses on Google taking over Fitbit.

I predict that the data will anonymised, bent, spindled, mutilated and turned into untested, proprietary algorithms.

Note that Apple are (probably) doing the same thing, but they are slightly less evil.

Reading this article for me was like observing another species in a zoo. Apparently these devices monitor your body and give you endless information about your heart rate and other stuff of which I cannot even possibly imagine.

The thought of continually monitoring my heart rate is abhorrent to me. I would like to know my heart rate about as much as I would like to know my cholesterol level; not at all, thank you very much.

I read somewhere recently that storing your books electronically could be a problem when the ants rise up and enslave us. It’s hard to read electronic books by the light of a candle. All of my books are of the old dead tree type. Some I have had since my childhood which is rather a long time ago. With my adventures around the world I have very often not been able to have my books with me. My father ungraciously stored them for me in his garage for some years. There are rather a lot of books, several thousand to be unexact.

I have my books with me now. Apart from fiction there is a lot of history and philosophy as well as books on gardening, making stuff and blowing up stuff.

My house has an old fashioned key that you turn in a lock. There are no intelligent gadgets to tell me stuff that I do not want or need to know. I am not bound to Alexa or whatever program the cool kids are using to ensure that their meaningless lives are monitored and recorded to the infinitesimal detail.

I listen to my music on something called a record player and I purchase the large round albums from what is known as a store. I cook my food from a recipe that I sometimes find in a book or other times in my own head. I do not, never have and never will own a microwave. I write in notebooks that form part of my personal library as they are important documents for me. I have one of those android phones as a necessity but the few apps that I have installed sit comfortably on one screen.

And yet I sit here and write this on a computer. I am not technology averse. I use technology when I need and desire it, but I do not use technology for the sake of it. Most technology is not just useless; it actually makes your life worse. Knowing your heart rate and other body functions at all times is a horrible way to live. It is the difference between eating nutritious food and dieting. You want to be eating the nutritious food. A diet is no way to live at all. If you can’t comprehend that then you’re living an unpleasant existence in my opinion.

Life is about occasional spontaneity and joy. A fully regimented life, regimented by technology, is alien to every imaginable pleasure that is good. I am not off the grid, very far from it in fact. But I may as well be on a different planet when I observe people with fitbit devices.

How far away are you from this guy?

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