When naked bong smoking bisexual gang banger and occasional Democrat senator Katie Hill resigned last week she blamed it on men. The betting houses had her at 1-1 billion to blame it on misogyny so I didn’t win very much at all. The predictability of her assertions of blame for her own actions is matched by the predictability of Team Woman(!) to get behind her. After all, she is one of them – a woman. And Team Woman(!) has to support its members, no matter what their misdeeds.

Take for instance the Texas mother who yesterday shot herself and her 3 kids. Instead of portraying her as a callous monster, the media bends over backwards to list all of her supposed problems in a desperate attempt to control the message for Team Woman(!).

The recently-divorced mother who shot dead her children—11-year-old Parrish, 9-year-old Eleanor, and 7-year-old Lincoln—was a vocal anti-gun activist and had battled depression, anxiety, arthritis, and lupus.

The left – always projecting. They want to take away your guns because they know full well what they’d do with them.

Ashley, who had posted on social media about potentially losing her health insurance, was reportedly upset with the terms of the divorce, specifically the one that said she could not move with her children to her hometown.

Further terms specified that, if she stayed in the home she shared with her ex-husband, she would have to pay rent which meant she would have to get a job,

Dear lord, the horror; she’d actually have to get a job. Can’t have that, can we? May as well off yourself and the kids too. That will show that ratbag husband.

That article is the only one I can find that even mentions the father. You know, the guy that just lost his three kids.

But back to our naked bisexual ex-congresswoman. Team Woman(!) sure has got behind her. Writing in The Weekend Australian, Caroline Overington dispenses with any attempt at bipartisanship and goes all in for the girl in trouble.

In any case, Hill has now quit congress, although not over the allegatio­ns, which she had inten­ded to fight. She quit after nude pictures­ of her, including one in which she is brushing her female lover’s hair, and a series of her private­ text messages, were published in the Daily Mail.

She was acutely embarrassed, and maybe you’re thinking: well, live by the selfie, die by the selfie, but Hill is a millennial. They’re doing things differently, in case we hadn’t noticed.

Millennials live their lives online. They find their sexual partners on Twitter. They take nudes, and send them to people, or else they store them in the cloud. ­Except there is no cloud. It’s just other people’s computers. They are bound to leak.

Millennials, like everyone else, will learn that some people aren’t worthy of your trust. That will be part of their education.

There has been some outrage over Hill’s adventurous approach to sex, like it was anyone else’s business. Millen­nials also do not consider it unusual for people to be bisexual, or to have more than one partner at the same time.

It’s pretty desperate, isn’t it? If Millennials were into child sacrifice would that be okay too? Oh wait, they are – it’s called abortion.

But where are the senior women in her party?

Democrat house Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’s a feminist. Possibly she knows something the rest of us don’t, because she would not appear to have this young woman’s back.

Hill “has acknowledged errors in judgment that made her continued service as a member untenable,” Pelosi said, in a rather prim statement. “We must ensure a ­climate of integrity and dignity in the congress, and in all workplaces.”

Integrity and dignity?

As far as we know, Hill hasn’t done anything wrong and yet she has quit public life in a shower of shame, and why?

Integrity and dignity? What the hell do those words mean? Don’t you know that we’re talking about someone on Team Woman(!) here? Katie Hill is blameless because she is not just a woman, not just a Millennial woman, but a Millennial congresswoman! Who unseated a man to get there! She can’t resign. I mean, that’s just crazy talk.

To say that this article is unhinged is putting it mildly, but the Katie Hill affair is a wonderful example of why you don’t want women in power. Ultimately they will every single one of them defer to Team Woman(!) when it suits them. Women give themselves a free pass because that’s how they’re wired. Which is fine but our forefathers understood this and didn’t have them anywhere near the handles of power. When did we forgot all that?

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