A week ago I gave a shout out to Kevin at The Other McCain who has had a really shitty run of luck and is now searching for a new place to live. Now I want to make it officially official that he needs our help.

For those that don’t know, Kevin has been a large part of the success of this humble site. A few months after I began I approached Kevin to get on the almost daily link posts at The Other McCain. It was cheeky, I admit, but I ran with the line that their site could benefit from an Aussie connection.

Sometimes cheekiness pays off. Because of that exposure my site went from strength to strength and I formed other valuable contacts and even friendships through that network. It was that important. If you read and enjoy this site it could well be that you found it because of Kevin’s generosity.

I don’t ask you guys to donate to me. But on occasion I do like to rally the troops and help out someone else. So If you can spare him a few bucks, please do so. You have my heartfelt thanks.