Women give birth to babies, men give birth to ideas, (if I were to be uncharitable then I might point out that men can give birth to their due without any assistance.) Why is this important? Well, men must understand this truism if they are to succeed. It is said that the genes of only 20% of men are passed on to the next generation. That’s nice and all, but who ever remembers the sons of greatness? It is the ideas that count and the manner in which they are manifested. So you have had a son; so what? What have you done? What have you accomplished? What will you leave behind? Your sons and daughters will most probably rebel against you and become the next Boomer generation. They are incidental. So it has always been.

If a man should have ideas, and if those ideas be worthy of being made manifest, then he had better be interesting. As men it is our duty to have interests. Having interests implies that we are interested. Are you interested in children? Are you one of those men that one sees carrying around his toddler progeny on a Sunday afternoon in some sort of backpack contraption? Please. Spare me. You’re an honorary woman.

As men we are driven by our interests. And it can help to inspire each other to greatness. That is why we study history; it is why we take an interest in history. Hemingway might have been a leftist prick and a thug, but he got one thing right and that was that he had to beat every man that came before him and came after. Otherwise, what was the goddamn point? If you’re going to write a book then you had better make sure that you at least attempt to beat everyone who did it before you.

As I sit here and write these words I am dressed in my Sunday best. At home. The time to dress well is not for other people, but for your own inspiration. Take pleasure in the quality of what you wear and then use that to inspire you to better and greater achievements.

What interests you? What are your interests? These are what define us as men, that and what we have actually done, and usually the two are intertwined. Language, sport, religion, cars, books, smoking cigars and drinking Scotch whiskey. Smoking cigars and drinking Scotch whiskey were invented by men for other men, that’s the whole point. We benefit from those that came before us and those who are here among us now. What is your benefit for other men?

Our inspiration is reflected by our interests which is reflected in how we live our lives. But because we have the burden or creating from our own minds and not our bodies, we are tormented by the doubts that bewail us. Women have no burden of creating – lie on your back and get the job done. It’s not like that little biological ritual hasn’t been done before. But we must create and challenge and debate and attempt to peel back the veil from the uncertainties that surround us. That’s heavy shit, man.

My local butcher is a legend. He’s barely in his 30s but he commands respect. A small guy with disheveled and thinning blonde hair, he is a true talent with the blade and with what he selects to be butchered in his shop. This is recognised by other men, myself among them. He is an example of excellence, an example of being an interesting man.

As men, our burden lasts our entire lives. It doesn’t get any easier; rather, the weight of expectation intensifies. Embrace it. You are in good company. We achieve despite all that is arrayed against us. Today as a straight, Catholic, white, healthy, intelligent and right wing male, all the odds are lined up against me. And yet still we succeed. How pathetic are our opponents! They have everything on their side but still they are lap dogs with no real purpose.

Because they do not and cannot create anything of worth. It is the creation that is everything. The giving birth to ideas and seeing them made manifest. Leftist men are men who have abdicated their chance of creation because they were too weak to begin with. Better to put a pink pussy hat on your oblong head and declare yourself to be an ally. Your risk factor is zero but so are your returns. Big risks equals potentially big rewards. Remember that.

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