After five months on the road and 24 episodes of the video documentary of his travels around the United States, Roosh V has completed an epic speaking tour. I was only sorry that I could not attend, seeing as it did not coincide with my own travels to the USA. But we have his video logs, and more importantly we have his conclusions and insights of what the last five months have taught him.

Here is his final episode with his insights, and below the fold are my own thoughts on his grand tour.

Roosh’s journey has primarily been a spiritual one as opposed to actual miles traveled. After months of spending up to 4 hours a day reading the bible, he set off on his speaking tour convinced of his new found spirituality and discovered that such personal insights cannot be constrained to intellectual study; instead they must be lived and breathed, for it is only through experiences that we truly come to understand and comprehend what the books attempt to tell us.

In other words, it is one thing to intellectualise knowledge, but it is another thing entirely to live it. It is in the doing that we come to understand our journey. In this light, Roosh’s journey was a suitable metaphor for his own personal transformation. As he drove from city to small town and from national park to simple farmland, Roosh himself underwent a complete awakening as to what it means to be a man living in modern day America.

There is no doubt that it was of immense benefit for him to be able to test his growing knowledge with regular audiences, all open and eager to hear his words. Coupled with his many private audiences with priests, monks, and leaders of dioceses, all of this put Roosh in a privileged position to better understand what it means to navigate the many false paths that are placed before us all on a regular basis.

His insights into globalism and the ongoing and escalating battle between good and evil gave me a strong sense of hope and confidence in my own struggles. I must be honest and declare that as his personal spiritual journey has coincided with my own, this has been an immense benefit for myself. If he had had his own conversion only a year ago I doubt that I would have been open to his message. This fortuitous aligning of personal circumstances has meant that I have gained a great deal from his own role reversal at this time. I am of no doubt that this is not a coincidence.

I was no fan of Roosh during his bang years. While I am no prude, I found the unabashed and continuous pursuit of women as an end in of itself to be unseemly and not becoming of a man. I did not judge him; rather I simply did not listen to his announcements or read his works. But this converted Roosh is a sight to behold. I look forward to what he does from here as I am convinced that it will be of immeasurable benefit to my own personal growth.

Roosh has walked the dirty walk and come out the other side with a clear mind and strong inner conviction. The man has skin in the game and for that I give him great credit. I for one am a new fan.

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