The Friday hawt chicks & links has more links this week than crazy people in the Democrat party. Best Twitter troll that I saw this week has to be the following:

IF Trump is impeached in the house and not the Senate he can run 2 more times. Constitution says that if a President is impeached by the house but not convicted by the Senate. The 1st term is nullified and they are eligible to run for office 2 more times.

Not true, but sure to make lefty’s heads explode everywhere. So if you have one of those awful social media account thingies, make sure to put it up. Nothing like the brutal and unrelenting dissemination of outright lies to wear down the left, or in other words a taste of their own medicine.

This is the Christmas holiday edition of the hawt chicks & links, and seeing as I am on holiday myself I have had lots of time to find lots of links for you, as well as hawt chicks. Yes, this is a super dooper bumper edition of the hawt chicks, more than I have ever fielded in one sitting. This is what is known as a Christmas present. You’re welcome.

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Right, on with it. Time to wake up the hordes.

Trump tweeted this.


Peter Hitchens reckons that Boris is the new Blair.

Sullivan notices that Johnson’s nominal Tories “now favor tax cuts for the poor, have a strong program for climate change, and have proposed an Australian-style immigration policy to defuse native panic. They are not socially conservative in the American sense.” Admiringly, he notes, “He has co-opted and thereby neutered the far right. The reactionary Brexit Party has all but collapsed since Boris took over. Anti-immigration fervor has calmed. The Tories have also moved back to the economic and social center under Johnson’s leadership.”

This—from one of the most important voices in the sexual revolution— is the best description I have seen of Mr. Johnson’s undoubted social and moral liberalism, which also enabled him to promise enormous spending increases (possibly fictional) during an election campaign in which there seemed to be no limits on what either side was prepared to pledge.

So, not the new Messiah then.


The royal knights of Europe may be rising from their slumbers.

The baron elaborated on these views the following day at the Order’s Chapter Meeting: “Our society is gradually depriving itself of its own roots. In front of our eyes, more and more of what has held society together so far is being softened and weakened. For example, one accepts—or at least watches—how the very foundation of the community, the family, is increasingly being undermined. Also, the Christian-Western values, which are an essential factor for social cohesion, are in veritable danger. This is already noticeable by the fact that for many it is already politically incorrect to speak of such values at all. But as the Order of St. George we are deliberately politically incorrect!

Notice that he didn’t say Judean-Christian values? That’ a good sign if ever I’ve seen one. Might have to sign up. Can anyone tell me where I can bed a local princess so I can get into the club? Their website.


Is God’s love unconditional? No, of course not. If it were then hell would not exist. This stuff ain’t hard, people.

Pastors should have been alert to the subtleties of deception that would turn a believer’s eyes from God to self. But alas, rather than warning the sheep, many of the “shepherds” have joined the psychologists and embrace their teachings of unconditional love and acceptance.

The basis for their eager embrace is a misunderstanding of “the love of Christ which passeth knowledge” (Eph. 3:19). They equate unconditional love and acceptance with the fact that God’s love is vast, unfathomable, and unmerited. Then they follow that with the idea that if God loves and accepts people unconditionally, they should also love and accept themselves unconditionally. While this may sound like a logical progression, there are some serious problems with the basic assumptions.

If you can convince yourself in the false belief of unconditional love then you can become entirely solipsistic. Yeah, sure that’s in line with God.


A feminist who hates men. No, really. It’s true, I swear.

You see that her cousin was a victim of domestic violence and therefore, according to @ProfaneFeminist, men deserve nothing but hate.

Collective blame — that’s how feminism promotes hatred. If one man does something wrong, all men are to blame for his wrongdoing. So the fact that you had nothing to do with this murder doesn’t mean that you aren’t guilty. You are a man, after all, and therefore you are always wrong, so that if you deny your complicity in this crime, that proves you are responsible. With her brain scambled enough to produce logic like that, you can understand why @ProfaneFeminist deserves sympathy.

Mental illness is tragic, and feminism is a mental illness.

Because of my sympathy, I exercised my Neutral Objective Journalism skills to research the death of @ProfaneFeminist’s cousin, Lauren. This job turned out to be a piece of cake, so to speak.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnd her cousin was murdered by a vibrant. Tell me you’re not surprised, I dare you.


A comedian taking the piss out of the Greta cohort in the heart of London. It’s very funny, but what is even more amusing are the men in the audience dying of laughter while the women sit there with faces like warped prunes while they try to figure out what is going on.


Speaking of our friend Greta …

Why Greta the sock puppet is a worthy and fitting recipient of Time’s person of the year.

By naming Greta Thunberg, Time is presenting a perfect postmodern archetype. Her award might be better called the Archetype of the Year award. Like all archetypes, she serves as the model for which all other activists of the same type are representations. She is meant to represent “the power of youth” in rebellion against an adult-dominated world. Her story expresses well postmodernity’s rejection of Western Christian civilization.

Time’s choice makes more sense when we consider that agendas progress more with archetypes than party platforms. If a movement can find an archetypal person who can embody its platform principles, it will advance much more quickly. If the media can propagate a perfect archetype, they can make a cause universal.

Thus, Greta Thunberg is the personification of all the eco-movement could want and more. As a child, she can lay claim to represent the future. She does not play the role of leader but assumes the much more important mantle of symbol. In so doing, she need not present concrete proposals but only make impossible demands.


Why doesn’t the left like Christmas?

One is that the left sees in Christianity its primary ideological and political enemy. And it is right to do so. The only large-scale organized opposition to the left comes from the traditional Christian community — evangelical Protestants, traditional Catholics and faithful Mormons — and Orthodox Jews. Leftism is a secular religion, and it deems all other religions immoral and false.

From Karl Marx to Vladimir Lenin to George Soros, the left has regarded religion in general and Christianity in particular as the “opiate of the masses” — a drug that dulls the masses into accepting their oppressed condition and, thereby, keeps them from engaging in revolution.

The left understands that the more people believe in Christianity (and Judaism), the less chance the left has to gain power. The left doesn’t concern itself with Islam, because it perceives Islam as an ally in its war against Western civilization, and because leftists do not have the courage to confront Islam. They know that confronting religious Muslims can be fatal, whereas confronting religious Christians entails no risks.


Obama reckons that women should be the leaders of every nation on earth. Even though he also believes in equality so in all honesty these two ideas should cancel each other out and thus Obama as well.

“Now women, I just want you to know; you are not perfect, but what I can say pretty indisputably is that you’re better than us [men].”

“I’m absolutely confident that for two years if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything…living standards and outcomes.”

As with all leftists, anything that comes out of this clown’s mouth is the exact opposite of the truth. But Finland have decided to see if they can prove him right.

Stalin must be spinning in his grave that these feminist dimwits weren’t in charge when he invaded the country.


Here are some nice tunes for the holidays. Nice looking crowd too. Not much diversity on offer, not on stage nor anywhere else. Like I said, nice looking crowd.


Is that enough links for you all? Ready for the hawtness parade? Who am I kidding – you all skipped down here first. Shocking, I tell you. Simply shocking. Merry Christmas, morons. Pick one – I dare ya.


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