Another day, another twenty something high school teacher caught doing the naughty in some way with one or more of her male students, (average age 15).

Ex-Miss Kentucky admits to trading sexual photos with teenage student.

A former Miss Kentucky pleaded guilty to exchanging explicit photos with a 15-year-old high school student on Snapchat. Ramsey BethAnn Bearse, 29, who was crowned Miss Kentucky in 2014 under her maiden name of Carpenter, was working as a teacher in West Virginia when she started speaking with the student using the social media app.

She told the court that she meant to send the photographs to her husband but sent them to the teen by mistake. When the teen asked for more photos, she complied because she “was afraid to not appease him.” Bearse was busted after the teen’s parents found the explicit pictures on his phone and contacted the authorities.

Afraid to not appease him? Talk about your schoolyard stocks going way the hell up.

There are so many female teachers getting busted lately for this sort of thing it makes you wonder what’s going on. Have teenage boys suddenly become more attractive? With the current war on masculinity I would posit that this is not the case. No, rather I think the root cause lies in the comparison that can be made between present year teenage boys and Millennial and Gen Y men.

The women caught out in these illegal sexual activities are inevitably married to a man in one of those generational demographics. The war on men and masculinity has been so pervasive and successful that women from the same age groups are turning in desperation to much younger men in the hope of receiving some form of stimulation.

If your wife is in any way attracted to or sexually involved with teenage boys then that really raises serious doubts as to your own masculine strength of character, let alone if she is ‘afraid to not appease him.’

The ruin of men is in listening to women, and men have been listening to women for far too long. Many men have brought into the deadly trap to “listen to their feelings” and “follow their heart” and “respect all women” and to more or less crawl over broken glass for the fleeting privilege to get their leg over their own wife once in a while. And we can’t make the excuse that these teenage-boy-fornicating women are ugly – we’re talking ex-beauty queens here. Men don’t have to don the beer goggles for these sort of chicks. No, these gals are rooting around outside the nest because they’re not being dominated at home.

I use the term dominated because it cuts to the heart of the problem. Subservient and supplicating men inspire no desire in their women. Their wives are most certainly not afraid to not appease them. And herein lies the real problem. Which is why so many teenage lads are getting lucky with their hawt teachers. Of course, when it is their own turn to marry will they have learnt their lessons or will they revert to Millennial type? Time will tell.

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