On this day Christ was born. Thus, we give thanks for the coming of Christ the Father. We answer to Him as He answers to God the Father. The term father is no accident; it symbolises those who God intends to lead. Thus, the bible is patriarchal. Churches headed by men and marriages headed by husbands is God’s intention. This is the foundation of patriarchy; a society headed and led by men.

But our leadership has been thin on the ground over the last few generations. Feminists began their assault on society with a war on patriarchy, which is thus a war against God. We are told that patriarchy is evil. We are told that a male patriarchal society is a terrible thing that is responsible for all of the ills of the world.

Yet if I look around the Christian world, the great evils in our midst occur where men have abdicated their responsibility of leadership in favor of a deceitful idolatry where out of control women reign supreme. Far from patriarchy being evil, it is a matriarchy which is our true enemy.

The birth of Christ was the birth of hope and salvation. If we are to be worthy of this gift, then on this day we as men must make a firm decision to no longer accept the cultural and societal pressures to disavow our faith and our burden. It is our burden to lead and we have been found wanting. Now is the time to turn it around. We surrendered the ground so only we can take it back.

We must desist with the slavish and unseemly pedestalisation of women. They are not our betters and they are not our equals. Rather, they are our responsibility to lead. Your wife is not “your boss”. You are supposed to be the leader of the household to whom she must submit if she is to follow in God’s grace. It is our duty as men to lead accordingly. But not just in our homes, but also in our communities and our churches.

This Christmas, as in many other past Christmases, it is all too easy to recite the words and mouth the platitudes without considering our lot. But our situation is dire and our backs are to the wall. We must make it no longer acceptable for people to attack masculinity; to attack our sons and brothers under the guise of progressivism. We must shame those men who kowtow to women through cowardice and lack of foresight. Things have gone more than far enough. It is time for us to lead and for them to follow, for in doing so we revert back towards God.

Our society is a narcissistic cesspool of selfies and desperate attempts to form some sort of identity. You have no intrinsic rights. Rather, you have obligations. Our overriding obligation is to undo the damage that has already been done. Our communities are our own, not the government’s. It is our responsibility to lead those communities and keep our people in line. It’s time for this 50 year party of degeneracy to end.

This Christmas, contemplate what you can do as a man to help lead us out of this wilderness. Things aren’t going to get better by magic. Those who are obsessed with saving the world are the ones hell bent on destroying it. It is our duty to learn from past mistakes and remove the cancer that plagues us all. Your part may be big or it may be small, but it is not for us to question. Rather, we must simply do our duty.

We can start by beginning to openly celebrate the patriarchy. For the patriarchy is us as men, husbands, fathers and leaders. We are the patriarchy and I can think of no better place that I would rather be. And from this point on I will defend it and work to propagate it at all costs. As should you.

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