A happy new year to you all. The celebration of the new year ceased to be of amusement to me some years ago. Owning my own nightclub in the high alpine passes of Italy finally cured me of the habit of going out and spending oodles of money to “see in the new year”. So last night I stayed home in Leiden, also known as Mogadishu on this one night of the year.

The Dutch are very restrained all year round; very Calvinistic as it were. But they bottle up all of that emotional energy for one glorious outburst that is the last day of the year, when they each blow thousands of euros on fireworks and turn the landscape back to what 1944 must have sounded like.

The year is 2020 and I want to take this moment to be somewhat pedantic on our timescale. 2020 is not the start of the 3rd decade of the 21st century. It is the last year of the 2nd decade. The years go from 1 to 10, not 0 to 9. If this is confusing for you let me explain it another way. You have 10 apples. Do you count your apples from 1 to 10 or do you count them from 0 to 9? By this measure, the year 2000 was the last year of the previous millennia, and 2001 was the first year of this millennia. So from this point on, whenever you see or hear someone saying that this is the 3rd decade or something similar, be comforted with the fact that the individual in question cannot count to 10.

Yesterday I published an article on things for which I am grateful. I received a number of questions that I feel deserve to be answered in full. So below the fold you will find resolution, as such.

Nonsensical Protestant heresy?!?! What a well-informed apologetic. Yeah, definitely better to be saved by your righteous deeds and not those of Jesus. And the Bible is definitely OK with idol worshiping, praying to the dead, purgatory, indulgences, salvation by baptism, etc. OK, it is obviously opposed to those things but the Catholic leaders – while not abusing children – will tell you not to read the Bible. You need to trust their interpretation of it, because they said so.

Seriously, if you want to know Jesus then read the Bible yourself, again and again.

Read the bible? Who can read the damn bible? Bunch of stories about old Jews. Someone else might have said that, I can’t remember. But anyway, this comment and those of a similar vein were a bit surprising to me. I had no idea that you non-Catholics were so touchy about your religious denominations. Shades of insecurity if you ask me. If a Protestant said the same sort of things about Catholics I would merely shrug my shoulders.

A few people who comment on my site I know personally. I found it interesting that the Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons who left comments did not feel the need to comment on this part but simply wished me well.

Also, I didn’t choose my denomination; I was born into it, and that’s good enough for me.

There is something to be said about tradition and connection with our ancestors but if you haven’t put your trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, you don’t have anything and when you die you will spend eternity in hell. I pray that God will open your eyes to His truth.

I know that this is going to open a religious can of worms, but since when did Catholics not follow Christ? I mean, what the fuck?

BTW, the Church doesn’t have a pedophile problem. They have a gay problem. Nearly all the abuse cases were with adolescent males. The Bishops more or less routed that issue in the US. The cases that I’ve seen in this current wave of hysteria are backwards looks at how things were handled decades ago.

FWIW If the protestant denominations were serious about following the bible, there’d be no rainbow flags flying on their buildings.

Yes, and it dates back to 1965 or so when the Church bowed to activist pressure and allowed homo priests into the priesthood, thus sowing the seeds for their own near destruction. The same activists then used the abuse cases as ammunition to attack the Church. And the rainbow flags flying above so-called churches is a good example of how I cannot take protestants seriously. Likewise, the signs saying that they welcome refugees because Jesus was a refugee. No, Jesus was not a refugee. This is false, which means that the churches who claim it are taking the Lord’s name in vain for political purposes. That’s a pretty big sin right there, folks.

Adam, can you give us a quick take on the fires in Australia. Does climate change fit in or have they made a lot of stupid laws that almost guarantee thousands of acres will go up in smoke on a periodic basis due to construction, unwillingness to deal will old vegatation etc.

First thing is that climate change as regards to what the globalists would have you believe, does never fit in. It’s not a thing, it doesn’t exist, it is a scam. So it’s the second one – 20 years of letting vegetation pile up under the glorious new religion of environmentalism. Which should be shortened to just mentalism. And I wrote a bunch of articles about it a few weeks ago. In order of publication:

Manufacturing a water crisis.

The Australian fires are the fault of us all.

Clear your land and go to jail.

Your backyard is an endangered ecosystem.

Holy Sydney smoke.

In addition, I saw this comment on The Cat yesterday and I simply must include it here.

Mallacoota’s population is sheltering at the open dock area as fire descends on the town. Was there three months ago and the fuel loads there and all the way to Lakes Entrance were horrific. God help them.

And it’s not just neglect, but active and culpable mismanagement.

There’s a coast walk leading out of the town that winds thru tea tree, aka petrol bush. So you know what Vic government’s “environmental stewards” went and did? The green morons trimmed the tea tree and laid the cut branches on the ground to provide habitat for lizards and wotnot.

That ground cover has had three years to dry; it’s resinous and will set the trees above it aflame in the blink of an eye.

There’s a spot there, Secret Beach, that’s just magic. To think of the landlord, a huge goanna who owns the beach and deems it his right to check out your backpack and picnic hamper should you nod off on the sand, in those flames …

And finally,

Happy New Year from Manhattan, where I toil for Shekels near the source…which actually really helps! I was a racing driver before leaving to get “an edukasion” and I think we share more than a little of the adventurer’s claustrophobia with modernity. This year I bought a track car (Lotus) to start practicing again. I hope to return full-time within 2 years, too old for F1 but just right for #IMSA GT2. Keep you posted.

As a car nut myself, please do keep us informed. It’s a sport that I really wished I had gotten into as apparently I have the perfect body size for it. This is just an example of why I value my readership. There is a great cross-section of people here and it is humbling that I can bring everyone in together.

That’s it, thank you one and all for all the good wishes and for the positive comments on why you follow this old blog. It gives me fuel to carry on into 2020. Who knows what the new year will bring? Nobody.

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