I am presently on an offshore support vessel somewhere in Germany and the internet is rather spotty. To that end I have seen that Ricky Gervais took it to the crowd at an awards ceremony but I haven’t been able to watch it which is rather frustrating. I also can’t access most sites from here as they just time out. I can access my own site though because it is on a very good server that runs extremely well and is secured. There ya go.

One story that I have seen that I want to comment on is the 4 year old boy in Queensland in Australia who got attacked at the family home by a 5 meter rock python.

A large scrub python had hold of his four-year-old son Clifford. “It was just a massive snake. It’s head was very big and was latched onto his leg,” Thompson said. “At that stage, he was holding onto the side of the boardwalk and it was just pulling him into the bush.”

Thompson’s instincts kicked in, but this wasn’t going to be an easy fight. “I knew I had to do something so I ran straight up and punched it straight in the head,” he said.

“It let go, which was great. But as soon as it’s leg go, it’s curled right back up and went straight and bit him again on the upper right leg. At that stage, it started to yank him back further and I could see it start to cause a significant cut to his leg. I knew I had to do something then and there. I grabbed its jaw and bent it back as hard as I could. I could see he was getting pulled underneath into the bush, which is the last place I wanted him to be.”

Read the whole thing and marvel at the photos. Yeah, Australia. God’s refuge for all of the scary creatures that nobody else wanted to deal with. Must have been one very hungry python.

But there is a larger point here. Aaron Clarey has a habit of posting articles that mock the multi-generational trend of doing away with fathers. He calls them his “we don’t need no stinking fathers” posts. Kids getting into bad situations who inevitably turn out to come from a single mother.

If you’re a woman who thinks that she can go it alone, would you have been able to fight off that 5 meter rock python that was hell bent on eating alive your child? With your bare hands? If you’re uncertain, the answer to that question is no, you wouldn’t; not in a million years.

That’s what fathers do. They protect their family. Every single female that I have ever known would have had the same reaction in that situation which would have been to run around screaming with their hands in the air.

I bet that dad got lucky that night. Or at least after they had all calmed down and were certain that their boy was not seriously hurt from the encounter. A family unit is a team; the father does some things while the mother does other things. Together these make up a cohesive unit that should play to their individual strengths. There is no such thing as equality. If you think that there is then I have a 5 meter rock python to sell you. In your bed with your nightmares. Coming for your children when you least expect it.

But dad was there, and he handled it. Way to go, mate. With that one action you not only saved your little boy. You gave a big fat finger to every feminist everywhere.

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