The Friday hawt chicks & links reckons that this has been an especially exciting week of tidbits and interesting times. Trump dominates proceedings what with knocking off an Iranian supremo general with a missile composed of rotating knives. All that was left was a garish ring on a finger. Sort of like what Triggly Puff’s new boyfriend looks like after a torrid night of the rumpy pumpy.

When Trump does something of note it is always wise to heed the 48 hour rule. In other words, wait 48 hours to see what the true lay of the land is, and this one was no exception; a big old manipulation to get US troops out of Iraq. Hell, it’s only been 3 decades. What are they in, some kind of rush?

Also prescient is to listen to the neocon talking heads to find out their views on the matter. They have a 100% track record of being irrevocably wrong on absolutely everything, so if they reckon Trump has made a disastrous boo-boo then you can be confident that this was a great move akin to me asking out Sharon the Cannon for the high school dance in 1987.

They didn’t call her the cannon for nothing.

But Trump has been overshadowed by the spectacular and continuing public demonstration of what happens when an insecure beta marries a psychological dominatrix. In a decision that was made by one woman only, Prince Harry and his bride are going to ditch the Royal Family to earn a crust, which is truly one of the more stupid ideas every propagated, beaten only by beginning a land war in Russia or South East Asia. Or perhaps both at the same time. All I can say is that the future divorce and fallout is going to be so brutal, it would cause Genghis Khan to avert his gaze. Good on ya, Harry. You win the dumb fuck of the century award, and we still have 7 decades to go.

You see, boys; choosing your lady is rather an important decision. So choose … wisely.

Anyway, there are some links and chicks to follow. You know the drill, right? Favorite moment of your collective miserable weeks, I’d wager. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that does. Poor old, Harry. But still, one must suffer for one’s art.

Straight off the bat, here’s a great piece about the state of the Catholic Church in Australia and the abject cravenness of the local bishops regarding the imprisonment of Cardinal George Pell, among other things.

One has been taken away, however, to a literally torturous – some say internationally illegal – incarceration. That he – George Pell – was defamed, calumniated, pilloried, spat upon, hounded, set up and tormented are facts that cannot be denied. The bishops owe no respect to a notoriously corrupt state or its venal media proxies and should have said far more in defence of their brother than they did. They are ensnared in complex cultural circumstances, that’s true, but no more so than Mannix was. Students of Polish history might like to argue that Cardinal Wyszyński was no hot-head and came to a modus vivendi with authorities to protect Catholic culture despite his own imprisonment. The big difference is he did so knowing the faith of Poles was unassailable; a few concessions to make the communists feel strong was a price worth paying. The near opposite situation obtains in Australia where statism is unassailable. Here, a nomenklatura deigns to dole out a few privileges believing its triumph in culture is irreversible. The thing to remember is that modern society hates the Church; playing nice with haters by trying to sacralise their manias (like climate change) won’t change that.

The bishops are scared of criticising the State. They prefer to be safe in their beds at night rather than call out the injustices and hypocrisies that abound in our modern world.

Today when we need someone to stand up to the rich and powerful, we can only rely on a joker to fulfill that role.

Gervais also referenced Epstein’s suicide, which prompted some boos from the audience. But the comedian didn’t miss a beat. “Shut up,” said Gervais. “I know he’s your friend, but I don’t care.”
Speaking for the millions of people who would rather not be lectured about climate change by a bunch of movie stars and their private jets, Gervais concluded his remarks by warning the night’s award winners not to make any obnoxiously woke political statements.
“Come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your god, and f–k off,” he said.

Gervais publicly mocked climate change and its mindless followers. The Australian bishops? What was the Christmas message from Archbishop Mark Coleridge?

“In Australia and around the world there is an air of uncertainty and anxiety,” he begins. There follows a Cook’s tour of safely agreed-upon bad things: “populist and nationalist ideologies” (a.k.a. democracy), “walls” (code for Donald Trump), the “inhuman treatment of migrants and refugees” (policing borders like the Vatican does) and – drum roll please – “the lack of will to move on climate change which brings droughts and fires here but floods elsewhere.”



A somewhat embarrassing example of why you never talk to the media.

That was a year ago and I forgot about it.

Well, last December, the “photo essay on free speech” appeared, but in New York magazine, not in the German magazine Stern. And it was not about freedom of speech but about “the threat of domestic terrorism.” It starts with Dylann Roof’s Charleston massacre. It says there are “148 white-nationalist hate groups in this country,” and warns that “their violence is indisputable.” It adds that photographer Mark Peterson has been “traveling the country to surface the extent of the activity and catalogue the most dangerous ideologies.” The introduction concludes: “Without a full accounting of the reality, there can be no remedy. To look away is a form of collaboration.”

Then there are Mark Peterson’s photos of burning swastikas, hooded Klansmen, arm-band-wearing Nazis, bare-chested seig heilers – and your servant.

To sum up: the photographer said that he was doing a piece on free speech. Instead he was doing a piece on white nationalists. Sounds legit. Don’t talk to the media about anything, ever.



Iran shot down a plane full of … Canadians? What was a plane load of Canucks doing in Iran? People, people – this is our brave new world of multiculturalism. In other words, it was a plane load of Iranians with their paper Canadian citizenship.

The victims included four members of a wedding party, and another 24 Iranian Canadians from Edmonton, said Reza Akbari, the president of the city’s Iranian Heritage Society.

Arash Pourzarabi, 26, and Pouneh Gourji, 25, graduate students in computer science at the University of Alberta, had travelled to Iran for their wedding, Akbari said.

He told the Edmonton Journal: “It’s been a shock, I know some of these people in person, I had a chance to see them at different, parties, gatherings, I’m in shock. I can tell you pretty much every Iranian in Edmonton knew some of them. So it’s very devastating.”

Aaaannnd now nobody cares. Not that anyone would care if it really were Canadians either. Soz.



Ukraine sure is a different kettle of fish. Based on this and the audience reaction, I’m just assuming that average family dinners are spent discussing their favorite porn stars or something.


The Z Man on communities and their importance.

This is why private discrimination and free association are now forbidden. If a group of left-handed gingers, with an interest in Anglo-Saxon poetry, were to form a community around these traits and interests, they must get permission from the state. That would mean allowing in girls, non-gingers and maybe even people not suffering the defect of left-handedness. Otherwise, they’d risk litigation. You see, in an open society, there can never be barriers to entry. Everything is open to everyone.

The people who promoted the open society in the last century, and continue to promote it today, do so as outsiders. They look at the organic communities and societies of the West and simply see collections of people. The alien cannot see or understand the reciprocal obligations and duties that hold the community together. These are only obvious to the people inside, because it is what holds them together. The outsider only sees the benefits of membership, not what defines it.

In other words, a closed society is free while an open society is totalitarian.


Elizabeth Warren, she of the Wherethefuckarewe Indian tribe, has issued advice on dating and how to take the perfect selfie.

“I’ve been casually dating a guy for the past three months, but now he’s ghosting me. He won’t return my texts, but he still looks at all my Instagram Stories. What do I do?” one question read.

“Give him up. You’re too good for him. If he wants to go silent, let him go. He is not the one for you. Guys who do that — uh-uh. You’re better than that,” Warren suggested.


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