My books continue to sell at a steady pace which I put down to my renewed dedication to kitten sacrifice. But all jokes aside, (I’m allergic to dedication), it’s nice when I get the occasional review. Like this one the other day:

I read this book, along with Adam’s second book Run Guts, Pull Cones, over the course of 2 days. Both were thoroughly enjoyable. The book rolls along at top speed. Constantly changing characters, locations and situations kept me entertained. I found a few lessons in the book that I wish I had had as a younger man, and more than a few scenarios reminded me of situations in which I had found myself. An excellent way to reminisce, and an enjoyable reminder of timeless lessons for both young and not-so-young men everywhere.

Thanks, Joshua. Glad you liked them.

If you haven’t read them then what are you waiting for? If you have read them but you haven’t left a review, how many more kittens must needlessly suffer? And if you have read them and you have left a review, then those kittens were worth it.

Next book is progressing nicely. Got a fair bit done on the holidays. Getting divorced has really helped with the material for this book.

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