There is an excellent tailor in Leiden where I go to for my dry cleaning needs. He also runs a tailoring business and has half a dozen employees working at the sewing machines. I’ve never needed a tailoring service before as my weight doesn’t fluctuate all that much no matter what I eat. But recently I have had to use his services due to the fact that all of a sudden I’m splitting multiple pairs of pants and jeans in the crotch area.

I’d like to suggest that this is due to a mammoth-like endowment, but that’s not the case. And if it were then I would have had the same issue in the past, unless those male enhancement pills really are a thing. But I don’t think that they are. No, the reason that I’ve been splitting my duds is due to changing up my squat routine.

To be specific, I finally went deep. And deep is where you discover leg gains. Hence, the pants issue.

Up to fairly recently I had been kidding myself that I was going deep. To be clear, deep is achieved when there is a nice crease in the upper leg line. Another term for it is, ass to grass. But I wasn’t going that deep. I was just breaking parallel. You don’t get any real gains at parallel because you’re only working half of the leg. To really work the back side of the leg you have to break parallel, go deep, and then try and push it back up.

I was up to 115kg on the squat last year, but that was slightly below parallel. When I decided to have another shot at it I deloaded down to 70kg. But even that wasn’t low enough to really go deep. In other words, being able to push a 115kg squat load just below parallel translates into having difficulty with 70kg with a proper deep squat.

I managed too push it back up to 90kg over the last few months. A lot of the squat is in your head. You can easily chicken out of a deep squat from the fear of failing. But now I love failing. Here goes Adam, down deep deep deep. And up comes Adam on the 5th rep and … it’s a fail! Down goes Adam like a sack of shit as the safety straps ignominiously catch the bar. Watch Adam have to ask someone to help him put back the loaded bar. Have a 5 minute break and hit it again. Oops – another failure!

Living the lifting dream, kiddies. Embrace failure as you approach the iron. Let’s face it, if you’re not failing then you’re not gaining.

And my gains have been impressive. Hence the pants problem. I split an expensive pair of jeans, I split my work pants, and I split my work around the house pants. All in the same area – at the base of the inner thigh towards the crotch. Like I said, I’ve never had this problem before. I also never had legs this size before either. It’s a good problem to have. Reminds you that you’re winning. My tailor thinks I’m a freak. He needs to lift more.

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