Quillette has an article up about the travails of the modern dating game for educated women. On university campuses where men outnumber women, longer and more stable relationships between men and women are the norm. But on campuses where women outnumber men there is much more of a hook-up culture. In short, where men are in high demand they prefer to play the market and to have the time of their young lives.

On the hook-up culture campuses there is a higher prevalence of hard core feminism. In other words, where women are getting a raw deal due to their overabundance they attempt to counter the market forces by artificially controlling it through feminism.

As we already know, women prefer men who are better educated than them and/or earn more money. So much for the strong independent woman trope. But with the numbers of women at university outstretching men by a significant margin, not all of these gals are going to get what they want.

The article is rather tone deaf as in no awkward questions are asked as to why women outnumber men in such numbers at universities. The idea that this may indicate that white male privilege is not only false but that active discrimination exists against men is anathema to this type of discussion. Instead, the reason that men are avoiding higher education is put down to video games of all things.

Why are men falling behind when it comes to education? Several suggestions have been offered. One might be video games. In a paper titled “Cutting class to play video games,” the economist Michael Ward looked at a dataset of more than 6,000 high school and college students. He found that when video game sales increase, students spend less time attending class and doing homework and more time playing games. Furthermore, this “crowding out” effect was stronger for males and lower income students. He also found that the average amount of time spent playing video games was three times larger for males compared to females.

I bet the ratio of people who enjoy knitting is several times larger for females compared to males, but that doesn’t mean anything.

But blaming video games in general is simply mistaking a symptom for a cause. Men are retreating to video games for the simple reason that they are not welcome at universities. Men are bombarded with intense and aggressive propaganda that stigmatizes them as awful human beings who are responsible for all of the ills of the world due to their sex, and often because of the color of their skin. This begins the moment that they set foot in a modern campus. At it’s most extreme this harassment manifests in kangaroo courts set up under the somewhat dubious auspices of “believing all women”.

The quoted article covers none of the negative aspects of college life for young men. The continual and ever-increasing discrimination against men on campuses is simply ignored. What matters are women’s dating options. The current reality is simply a reaction by men to what they encounter. Men prefer video games not just as a retreat from a dangerous world; they also prefer video games over modern women due to the fact that the current generations are so awful. Women under the age of 30 are downright lunatics, completely infected with the feminist mind virus as they parade around screeching that they don’t need no man while devouring articles giving tips as to where the best men are to be found.

As the situation worsens and less men go to college, the question remains as to whether or not women will start to change their tune. Men want young, beautiful, feminine and dutiful women who will treat them well and honor them. Men are not after women with a college degree. Not only is it not important for men, with the level of college debt for the average degree, a university education is a logical net negative. For young women out there the correct path to satisfaction is to avoid college completely, work on making themselves as feminine as possible, moderate their behavior and do their best to find a man with serious intentions. Chasing some imaginary college degree to happiness will only lead to a broken life, ruined dreams, and a lifelong devotion to cat litter.

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