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Podcast #136 – The hospitality episode.

A trip this week to the Scottish city of Aberdeen has me musing on hospitality among other topics.

Gay marriage – it was always about the children.

An old conservative curmudgeon who lives in a small, rural town in South East Nebraska has a detailed article examining the impact of the Australian gay marriage vote two years on. What he finds is not good at all. He has many examples of people being persecuted for wrong-think as regards homosexuality, from sportspeople and other prominent public figures to members of the medical profession. This informal and unorganised bullying is about to take an official form with legislation before the Queensland parliament which will make ‘gay conversion therapy’ illegal.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The wrong-think edition.

The hawt chicks & links has had a rough old week, with travel, hotels and budget airlines some of the horrors that have had to be endured. More about that in this week’s podcast. But right now we have the very late edition of linkage and hawtness for you all to enjoy. One of the defining characteristics of men of our time is the chronic lack of an individual backbone when it comes to matters of importance. This structural deficiency is prominent in men on both sides of the political spectrum. Of course, it is a defining characteristic for male leftists, so that is not in any way an earth shattering pronouncement. But since the politically acceptable right has followed in lock step with its opponents, the men on the approved right who rise to prominence are mirror images of their supposed ideological enemies.

Take for example Julius Krein. No, I’m serious – please take him.

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No NHS for you, bigot.

I have just returned from a very brief trip to the UK. I passed through Birmingham airport on my way through to Aberdeen, and in the transiting area were numerous large billboards begging for interested and skilled parties to apply for the many nursing positions that are obviously up for grabs. Not being one for giving comfort unless it is in the form of a bottle of Balvenie scotch whiskey, (my new tipple), I ignored these pleas and continued on my journey. Never give to charities and never apply for a guaranteed nursing position in the NHS.

The British National Health Service used to be the pride of the nation, but that was before they opened the doors of the nation wide open to anyone with a pulse and an ability to fall over the doormat. Now it is in serious danger of collapsing due to the huge numbers of patients that it has not had the capacity to keep up with.

What to do, what to do? Kicking out the dusky foreigners is politically unpalatable so another outcome needs to be secured. No doubt about it, they have to reduce the numbers of patients, and the largest demographic is the British native working class. Horrible bunch, really; always eating crisps and moaning about the lengthy queues behind all of the foreign imports. Best to get rid of the lot of them, but how can we do so in a politically correct and magnanimous way?

UK’s National Health Service can refuse to treat ‘racist,’ ‘sexist,’ and ‘homophobic’ patients under new rules.

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You don’t need game in marriage, but you do need God.

It’s been 15 months since my ex-wife blew up our marriage because feelings. When it happened I wrote a few articles on the subject as a way of attempting to understand what was happening, but since those initial jottings I have resisted revisiting the subject. I needed time to reflect and contemplate what had happened. Time to slowly digest the lessons learned and to reorganise my own thoughts about it all.

One of the first pieces that I wrote as a response to the divorce was a revisit of an earlier article that I had written, You don’t need game in marriage. My immediate assumption was that I had been incorrect in my earlier assessment. This lead me to the conclusion that game was in fact essential, or at least some sort of game during the marriage. Here is what I said at the time:

My incorrect assumption was that once you have frame then you’ll always have frame. Not so, grasshopper. You can lose frame in a moment.

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Podcast #135 – The godless marriage episode.

15 months after my ex-wife walked out, I am now ready to reflect on the lessons learned.

Links mentioned:…lue-of-game/…hing-as-a-volcel/


Friday hawt chicks & links – The weekend edition.

The hawt chicks & links for this week is dedicated to the weekend. This dedication is due to missing the Friday time slot and having to get this out on Saturday morning before all of my revolting fans begin revolting. And after all, what’s better than a Saturday morning? You have the entire weekend in front of you. So many possibilities, so much time, endless dreams of relaxation and peacefulness.

Then you remember that you have to do a bunch of stuff that you’d rather not do, but if you wish to continue to exist in a civilized state then your prospects of avoidance are dim.

The reason that the hawt chicks & links is a bit late is due to your humble host going out last night for a few beers with friends. And I got my hair cut at my favorite barber. And we went with a new style. I can go with a new hair style due to the fact that I still have all my hair. My barber is quite excited. Something new! he exclaimed. Thankfully there was no hair dye involved; just the simple swish of sharp scissors, and the aromas and scents of a real barbershop. There’s nothing like it.

So here is to your collective weekends. May your new hair style bring you sundry visits from old flames that somehow missed hitting the dreaded wall.

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You can’t be right about everything.

When I put up my Jordan Peterson greatest hits collection on Monday I knew that I had missed a few posts that I had written about him, but unfortunately my search engine hits couldn’t pick them up. (Yes, I know that this is the point that other bloggers start muttering things about tabs, but I don’t use them and there’s no going back now.)

What I was disappointed at not finding were my early pieces where I believed that Peterson was the real deal. Thankfully, a reader dug up the main one, (though I think that there are some more), and so I have added it to the original article with an update as well.

Finding that piece then caused me to remember another piece about Peterson when he cut down Cathy Newman in that infamous interview, so that too has been added to the mix.

Reader Sharkly left a comment regarding the addition of these two posts.

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My Jordan Peterson greatest hits collection.

In my podcast this week I took some pleasure in performing an “I told you so” broadcast concerning the dear professor of Communist lies, Jordan Peterson, who is now reduced to an incoherent lunatic due to his addiction to various medications. Al linked to it and he had some choice words on the topic.

Vox Day and Adam Piggott are both – with some justification – doing the dance at the expense of those gulled by arch-charlatan Jordan Peterson …

… when they both came out quite unequivocally against Peterson, I listened, I considered their viewpoints, and I decided that I agree with them. It wasn’t a period in which I was active on this blog, but I was still active below the line on various sites that invite comments, and I found it amusing how people reacted to any suggestion that Peterson was not what they thought he was. People were afraid that to question their opinion of Peterson was to attack their fundamental identity. Personally, I found it bizarre and just another depressing example of how dim-witted most people are. Or, as Vox Day puts it, ‘MPAI’.

They were right. There are myriad other examples of times they have been proven right by events, and that is why in-spite of how grating I sometimes find their sense of moral certainty and the supposition that their personal experiences can be generalised to the whole of humanity, I still read their content, and give it due consideration.

Certainly, whatever I think of their grandiose opinions of themselves, Day and Piggott are both far more reliable analysts of current affairs and human nature than people like Delingpole and his cuckservative chums are.

Grandiose? Io?

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Podcast #134 – The Crazy Jordan episode.

Jordan Peterson loses his mind to drugs.
“Australians” being evacuated from China.
And your children are no excuse for you to live a fearful life.

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